5 Handy MOM HACKS for a Busy School Day

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Mom Hacks for Busy School Days

With TWO kids in school this year for the first time ever, we are officially busier than any year before. Whether Lily is heading out for the bus, Landon and I are dashing to the car line, or we’re packing up for that day’s extracurricular activity, I have to have a serious game plan to make it to all of our commitments without losing my sanity. I try to pack schoolbags and lunches the night before which definitely cuts down on morning chaos around here.

I have some tips up my sleeve for the daily grind as well – and they just so happen to fit perfectly with a coupon deal you’ll want to check out at your local Stop and Shop, Giant Carlisle or Giant Landover. From 9/9 – 9/15/16, when you buy $20 of participating Tyson® frozen fully cooked chicken, Jimmy Dean® frozen breakfast and Sara Lee® frozen dessert items and save $5 off instantly.

I’m going to show you some of my fave mom hacks using these three products: Sara Lee frozen desserts (original cream!), Tyson frozen chicken nuggets and Jimmy Dean frozen breakfast (English muffin with Canadian bacon, whole eggs and cheese)!

Tyson Jimmy Dean Sara Lee

1. One of the first things that tends to get sacrificed when we’re rushing out the door on a busy morning is MY breakfast. There are many mornings that I find myself feeling so hungry by late morning, only to realize that I got the kids fed and neglected to eat anything myself. I try to always keep breakfast sandwiches in the freezer for those super-rushed school mornings. When I have time, I make up sandwiches and burritos to freeze. When time is out the window, I stock the freezer with breakfast options like Jimmy Dean frozen breakfast sandwiches. I can toss a sandwich in the microwave and let it heat while I do Lily’s hair or put Landon’s shoes on his feet. Grab the sandwich and we’re out the door!

Jimmy Dean

2. Okay, so you’ve got your breakfast sandwich. But what about those mornings when you don’t get to eat that sandwich until AFTER you drop off your kid at school? Simple! Wrap your cooked sandwich in some aluminum foil. This little trick keeps your breakfast nice and hot so you don’t have to compromise taste, even on the busiest mornings.

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwich

3. This hack is for the kiddos! Lily loves when I pack her lunch for school and she gets so excited when I switch out her usual sandwich for something different. Pick up an insulated food container and send the kids to school with a HOT lunch! We have found that the Tyson frozen chicken nuggets work fantastically for a hot lunch option. They are made with white meat chicken and the chickens are raised with no added hormones or steroids. Microwave or bake the nuggets per the package directions and toss them into your insulated container. They will still be warm even several hours later at lunchtime!

Tyson Chicken Nuggets

4. What goes great with nuggets? DIPPING SAUCES! But what’s the easiest, least messy way to send in a sauce option or two? We love these little plastic party cups with lids. They are the perfect size and the kids can toss ’em after lunch.

Tyson Nuggets and Dipping Sauces

5. You make it to the end of the day. Your family enjoys dinner (chances are good that I have rocked the slow cooker). Whether you’re celebrating something special, or simply the every day, easy delicious desserts are a snap when you have options like a Sara Lee frozen dessert in the freezer. My family loves a good cheesecake, so this original cream variety makes everyone smile (made with real cream cheese and has a graham cracker crust!). Prep is as simple as placing the cake on a plate and defrosting for a couple of hours in the refrigerator.

Sara Lee Cheesecake

Our days are almost always hectic and full of activity, but I love taking advantage of little hacks like these to make it all come together a little easier. I never have to doubt why I am so tired when I finally crawl into bed every night! I hope your family has a most excellent school year ahead and make sure you check out this fantastic coupon deal starting at the end of the week at your local Stop and Shop, Giant Carlisle or Giant Landover. From 9/9 – 9/15/16, when you buy $20 of participating Tyson frozen fully cooked chicken, Jimmy Dean frozen breakfast and Sara Lee frozen dessert items and save $5 off instantly.