30 Day LEGO Building Challenge Free Printable

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Kids love LEGO bricks?  Kids love a good challenge?  Look no further than our printable 30 Day LEGO Building Challenge.  So much fun and so many opportunities for creativity.

30 Day Lego Building Challenge SQUARE

30 Day LEGO Building Challenge Free Printable

Do your kids LOVE building and creating with LEGO bricks?  Mine sure do!  In our house, the kids go back and forth between building themed sets (did you catch Landon and the LEGO Saturn V Rocket he built?!) and free building. They love getting new sets from the store and spending hours upon hours building them.

They also love building original creations from the bins of LEGO bricks that we have amassed over the years. Sometimes they are stumped for ideas of new things to build.  That is where our 30 Day LEGO Building Challenge comes in!  You can print our LEGO challenge and let the kids pick and choose which items they will build.  The goal, of course, is to try to build all 30 of the prompts!

Get the free printable challenge

Get your copy: 30 Day LEGO Building Challenge Free Printable

You can grab our printable right here. Simply enter your email address in the box and opt-in to receive our free newsletter.  Check your inbox for this printable, which you will receive as a subscriber bonus. 

This printable is an easy-to-open PDF.  You can print as many copies as you need (perfect for groups of kids!).  Note: this printable is for personal use only.

How to Use the Challenge

As I said above, there are no set rules for how to use this LEGO challenge.  Kids can build in order starting with prompt 1 and working their way to prompt 30… or they can pick and choose what order to build.

I gave my kids a copy of this challenge and they worked on it together .  They chose to build in a random order and used a marker to cross of the different items as they completed them.

30 Day LEGO Building Challenge Free Printable

I love seeing what they come up with!  This challenge is extra fun because you can give it to the kids over and over again and every time, the results are likely to be different!

Let me know how your kids enjoy this one!

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