25 Random Acts of Kindness for Christmas + Printable

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The Christmas season is a wonderful time of year to practice random acts of kindness (RAOK). See our ideas below for family friendly random acts of kindness to do at home and around your town. Grab our free printable and see how many RAOK’s you can complete!

Random acts of kindess for Christmas

Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK)

We are BIG fans of Random Acts of Kindness in this house. I firmly believe in helping out our friends and community and I have always tried to put my time and effort where my mouth is. By leading from example, I try to instill a sense of giving back in my kids.

From local donation drives to charity events or dropping off a dinner to an elderly neighbor – opportunities abound to help others.

Remember that “Random Acts” mean just that! A RAOK is typically a small action or gesture bestowed upon someone you know or even a complete stranger. Have you ever been in a drive-thru line and when you reach the window, the cashier tells you that the car in front of you has paid for your order? How awesome is that feeling? I have had it happen to me a few times and I always continue the chain and then pay for the car behind me. (Which, of course, is not required! That’s the beauty of the RAOK – it’s a small unexpected bit of positivity sent your way.) You then have the choice to continue to “pay it forward” if you would like, and pass that kind act on to another.

Involve the Whole Family in RAOK

Kids are never too young to learn the importance of helping others! Start small! Something as simple as a smile can truly have the impact to change someone’s day for the better. Random acts on a small scale make a big difference! There are many kid-friendly RAOK that won’t cost you a dime. Leave post-it notes with positive messages on them around town. Paint kindness rocks and hide them in neighborhood gardens. Help an elderly neighbor with a chore. Draw some pictures or make cards for your local hospital or nursing home.

Don’t spend too much time thinking about it – just get out there and do it! Leading by example is the best way to instill compassion and empathy in your kids!

Christmas Season and Giving Back

During the Christmas season, it is easier than ever to complete some RAOK. The theme of the season lends itself to lessons about giving back, helping others, and being selfless. I especially like to focus on RAOK throughout the holidays because I want my kids to think about others who might not have family to spend time with or presents under the tree.

Charitable opportunities are plentiful during the holidays.

One trip to the mall and you will likely encounter a Salvation Army bell ringer, a Toys for Tots collection bin, and who-knows-how-many other signs of ways you can help others.

RAOK can be big or they can be small. That’s part of the reason that they are so great. It doesn’t take a cent to bestow a RAOK on someone. Check out our list below of some great ideas for RAOK during the Christmas holiday season.

25 Random Acts of Kindness for Christmas

(Make sure you grab our free printable below. The printable lists these RAOK and also includes a blank page to come up with your own ideas!)

  1. Donate to a local food bank.
  2. Pay for someone’s layaway.
  3. Be a “Secret Santa” for a family in need.
  4. Take homemade cookies to the police station.
  5. Bake a treat for an elderly neighbor.
  6. Make cards for a nursing home.
  7. Donate toys to a toy drive.
  8. Compliment a stranger.
  9. Leave quarters at the laundromat.
  10. Hand out scarves and mittens on a cold day.
  11. Let someone go ahead of you in line.
  12. Put change in a row of vending machines.
  13. Offer to return someone’s shopping cart.
  14. Donate pet food to an animal shelter.
  15. Leave a gift for your mail carrier.
  16. Bring coffee or hot chocolate to someone working outside.
  17. Pick up litter.
  18. Help a neighbor with a chore.
  19. Hold the door open for someone.
  20. Hand out kindness notes.
  21. Support a small local business.
  22. Leave out water and food for the birds.
  23. Take coloring books and crayons to the children’s ward at a hospital.
  24. Leave a waiter a generous tip.
  25. Call and check on a friend or family member.

Make Plans to Keep RAOK Going All Year Long

Christmastime is a great excuse to get your feet wet with random acts of kindness. Challenge yourself and your family to keep the RAOK going all year long! Take some time during the winter to sit down and brainstorm a list of possible RAOK ideas to do during the year ahead!

How to Use the Printable

This printable pack comes with two pages. The first page of this easy-to-open PDF has our pre-filled Random Acts of Kindness for Christmas. You can use it as a checklist to cross of various RAOK that your family completes. The second page offers a blank version of the first page. You can use this page to completely customize your RAOK challenge! My advice? Read over the pre-filled page and decide if those RAOK seem like a great fit for your family. If not, the 2nd page with a blank challenge chart might work better for you!

Get the Christmas RAOK Printable

Get the printable: Random Acts of Kindness for Christmas Printable

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If you give this printable a try, let us know how it worked out for you! If you post a picture of the printable (or of one of your RAOK!) on social media, free free to tag us! We would love to see it! 


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