Posted on April 23, 2018

FREE Audience Growth Pack (Resources for Bloggers)

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Free Resources for Bloggers

You guys already know how much I enjoyed (and learned from!) the Moolah Facebook Strategies course that I took last year. I have put countless Moolah strategies to work for this very blog in the last year and am seeing higher traffic than I have in years. Not only is my blog traffic up, but I have learned countless ways to drive my engagement level up on social media, especially Facebook. High Facebook engagement levels make me smile because it means my posts actually get seen by more people and I get to hear from them way more often! The FB algorithm can be such a drag for people who run Facebook Pages, because many times Facebook automatically throttles the organic reach of our posts. This has been happening for years as bloggers and other social media influencers have felt forced to “pay to play.”

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I came across this FREE resource that Rachel, the guru behind the Moolah Marketing course, is offering up to help bloggers! These are something you’ll want to take advantage of whether you’re a veteran blogger or just starting out.

FREE Audience Growth Pack

Grab this FREE Audience Growth Pack which includes the following resources for bloggers:

25 Grab and Use Viral Titles
25 Conversation Starters to Grow Engagement
What to Avoid – A Banned Phrase List

Want to learn more about the Facebook Strategies course (opening for the next round May 7th!)?  Check out my post here.  If you want to take your blog or business to the next level, I highly recommend it.  GET ON THE WAITLIST NOW! Remember – it is very possible to make money blogging!!

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