Posted on March 19, 2018

25 Hot Lunch Ideas for Thermos Funtainers

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Hot Lunch Ideas for Thermos Funtainers

Now that I have two kiddos in school, I certainly find myself packing my fair share of lunches. Sandwiches are, of course, a staple. Peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, etc are typical sandwich combos that my kids will eat. I loved the idea of sending them to school with a hot lunch, but I figured it was harder than it sounded.

I was wrong!  It’s ridiculously easy to send kids off with a lunch that is still warm or even hot by noon!  I picked up a Thermos Funtainer for each kid and try to use them in rotation with our usual sandwich fare.

Hot Lunch Ideas for Thermos Funtainers


How to Prepare Lunch in Thermos Funtainers

If I am cooking their lunch up in the morning, I place the hot food in the Funtainer immediately after cooking. If I am sending them off with leftovers (more common) like pasta, I heat the food up super hot in the microwave and then dump it in the Funtainer.  Food placed in the Funtainer when it’s piping hot should stay hot/warm until lunchtime!

A great tip for foods that tend to get a little soggy like chicken nuggets – put a paper towel or napkin in the bottom of the Thermos to absorb some of the moisture.

Hot Lunch Ideas for Funtainer

1. Buttered Pasta
2. Pasta with Marinara
3. Mac and Cheese
4. Soup
5. Grilled Cheese
6. Pizza Rolls
7. Hot Dogs (optional: send hot dog roll)
8. Chicken Nuggets
9. Bagel Bites
10. Mashed Potatoes with Toppings
11. Ravioli
12. Meatballs
13. Chili
14. French Toast Sticks
15. Oatmeal
16. Casserole (dinner leftovers work great!)
17. Chicken Pot Pie
18. Tuna Casserole
19. Shredded BBQ Chicken or Pork (optional: send hamburger bun)
20. Fish Sticks
21. Scrambled Eggs
22. Taco Meat (and send tortilla wraps or taco shells)
23. Pork Fried Rice or White Rice
24. Baked Beans and Cut Up Hot Dogs
25. Pot Roast

What hot lunches do YOU send with your kiddos?


25 Hot Lunch Ideas for Thermos Funtainers

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