Posted on August 16, 2017

Where to Find Fingerlings Monkey Toys | Hot Holiday Toy

Where to Find Fingerlings Monkey Toys

Can you believe this? We’re still hanging on to the last few weeks of summer and it appears that we have already seen some hints of what one of (if not THE) hot holiday toy will be this holiday season!! Following the wildly popular success of Spin Master’s Hatchimals last year, WowWee has a new toy out that is already proving hard to find at some stores both on and offline. The hot toy that I am talking about are FINGERLINGS Monkeys. Over the years we have seen all sorts of toy crazes, but the Fingerlings really have potential to be on many wish lists this year. Check out our list below to see where to find Fingerlings.

Where to Find Fingerlings

Where to Find Fingerlings Monkey Toys

Why are Fingerlings so popular? They have several trademark characteristics that are seen in many recent popular toys.

– They are interactive and move around
– They are animals (monkeys in this case)
– They come in a variety of colors (fun to collect)

Last night I posted about them on Facebook and it solidified my thoughts on their potential popularity!!  Many of you have already bought these and tucked them away.  That’s the other thing about this toy – they actually have a not-so-gaspworthy price point at $15/each.  Compared to some of the high regular prices of popular toys in recent years, this price is a lot easier to justify grabbing one or two now and saving them for holiday gifting.

I have been watching the prices on Amazon over the last few days and they are ALL over the place.  The reason for this is that they keep going in and out of stock.  When you see the price rise above that $15 mark, it’s because Amazon has sold out of them and they are available (for a higher price) from 3rd party sellers.  If you think your kiddo might be asking for a Fingerling this holiday season, I highly suggest picking one up NOW while they can still be found at or close to that $15 price.

Every year we see the hot holiday toy sell out well before December and then they magically pop up with super inflated prices on Ebay and local yard sale sights. AVOID ALL THAT by picking yours up today if you think your kid(s) would love them.

Here’s a list of where to find Fingerlings – I will update this every week or so through the holidays, so definitely check back if you can’t find them anywhere.  If you have seen them for sale at a store not listed below, please leave a comment with the store name and I will add it to the list!




Toys R Us


PINK GLITTER FINGERLING MONKEY (AMAZON EXCLUSIVE)  Now available for pre-order.  Releases on 11/20/17.

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