Posted on February 4, 2016

3 Easy Steps to Take Natural (Unposed) Photos of Your Kids


3 Easy Steps to Take Natural (Unposed) Photos of Your Kids

It’s easier than you might think to get take great pictures of your kids where they look natural and unposed.

  1. Stop – Before you take your next photo, notice what you usually do before your snap. Do you call your child’s name? Do you interrupt their play? Do you yell, “SAY CHEESE!!!!”? (Don’t do it!!!!)
  2. Observe – Become comfortable with silence. Allow yourself to just be. Watch. Observe your child in their natural habitat.
  3. Document – Snap away! Keep your mouth quiet and allow yourself to take photos without disrupting your child’s play. The results will be stunning! If your child notices and stops what they are doing, quietly stop taking photos and pretend to not be paying attention to them. They will begin to play again, then you can resume!

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Caitlin Domanico, mother of two, operates a photography business, where she focuses on documenting motherhood. On any given day, Caitlin can be found having dance parties with her daughters, photographing families, or teaching part-time as a special education teacher in birth-3 services. Caitlin’s photo series “United We Feed” has gained international recognition for empowering and uniting women and the many ways they nourish their babies.

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