Posted on March 6, 2015

Snowman String Cheese Sticks

Snowman String Cheese Sticks

Snowman String Cheese

“Mom!  Next week I am FINALLLLLLLLY the Very Important Student!!!  That means I get to bring a snack for the whole class.  I want to bring something CUTE!”

Not tasty.  Not sugary.  Cute.  Uh huh.

So when I tried to think of something non-peanut (allergy in class), portable and not crazy sugary, I kept circling back to string cheese.  Easy, no food handling involved, portable.  Throw in a dash of “winter” and we were set with snowman string cheese snacks!  A friend of mine made these for her daughter’s snack last year and I have had them on my mind to make ever since.  Fortunately, Lily was game.

You will need:

:: string cheese (any brand)

:: 4ish inch pieces of ribbon (one per string cheese)

:: top hat cutouts (one per string cheese)

:: black Sharpie marker

:: orange Sharpie marker

:: double sided tape

How to make:

Quick note on the top hats – you could find clipart online and print it out.  You could also cut simple top hats out of construction paper.  I used the print and cut method on my Silhouette Portrait machine and was thrilled at how flawless these little hats came out!  Perfectly cut in the time it took me to grab Landon from his crib this morning and tote him downstairs.  Look at those edges!!

top hat clipart

snowman hat cut by silhouette

Okay, how to make.

Take each cheese stick and put a small piece of double sided tape at the top of the stick.  Place top hat over the tape.

Use the black Sharpie to draw dots for the eyes, mouth and buttons.

Use the orange Sharpie to draw a carrot nose.

Tie a piece of ribbon around the “neck” of each snowman.

Smile at the edible cuteness you just created!

snowman cheese stick string cheese

snowman string cheese stick

Then, because my neighbors don’t think I’m weird enough, I decided to head outside to have a little photo shoot in the snow.  With my string cheese snowman.  :D

snowman cheese stick on snow

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