Posted on December 22, 2014

DIY Cranberry Pine Holiday Centerpieces


Sometimes you land on something so utterly fabulous, it bears repeating year after year after year. That’s how I feel about my cranberry pine holiday centerpieces. I first made a couple of these simple seasonal centerpieces about 5 years ago. They are so easy, even during the hustle and bustle of the holiday, I can whip them out in minutes.

You will need:

:: 1 mason jar (I use a quart sized jar)
:: greens of your choice (I trimmed some pieces off the back of our Christmas tree)
:: handful of cranberries
:: water
:: candle (I use a floating candle. A tea light would work too if you set it on top of the cranberries.)

How to make:

:: Place greens in your mason jar – arrange to your liking. I literally just dumped mine in – no arranging here!
:: Fill jar 3/4 way with water
:: Add cranberries to jar (they will float to the top)
:: Place floating candle on top of berries (flush with -or just above- water level)
:: Light candle!

Purely for entertainment purposes, here’s a video that Lily and I made a few years ago. She was 4 and put together one of these jars herself. :)

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