Posted on November 1, 2014

Elf on the Shelf Printable Calendars: Inspiration for Both Slackers and Overachievers

elf on the shelf calendars

Disclaimer: This post is entirely based on humor and sarcasm. If you lack a sense of humor, get lost.

Still with me?


Every year the interwebs come alive as parents young and old begin to frantically search for new and different elf on the shelf ideas for posing and hiding their elves. And every year this seemingly innocent tradition pits people on two distinct sides of the elf fence: parents who create nightly intricate, detailed scenes for their family elf vs. parents who never remember to move their elf.

Then the elf-forgetters start bitching about the elf-scenemakers and the elf-scenemakers get all offended and lash out against the elf-forgetters because clearly they must not LOVE THEIR KIDS if they can’t remember to move an elf.

Can’t we all just get the hell along?! (No.)

So, seeing as how there are two distinct kinds of elf-y parents, so there needs to be two versions of my elf-y calendar. I tried to make a more laid-back (“slacker”) version and a more involved (“overachiever”) version. You may find that you’re a mix of the two, that’s up to you. Though as my one self-proclaimed elf slacker friend told me, my slacker version could be a little lazier. The beauty of the entire thing, is that YOU can decide how elf-involved you’d like to be.

My main goal, after all, is just to make you laugh a little.

Click on your preferred version if you desire a high res image to print or save on your computer. :D

elf on the shelf calendar slacker edition wm

elf on the shelf calendar overachiever edition wm

For hundreds of pictures of Elf on the Shelf ideas, including some of the ones mentioned above, be sure to check out my Master List of Elf on the Shelf ideas!  Don’t forget to tag #mamacheaps on your elf pictures when you post them – I’d love to see them!


Mama Cheaps (elf overachiever extraordinaire with a touch of elf slacker-ness)

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