Posted on March 30, 2014

{DEAD DEAL – CODES EXPIRED} Starbucks Rewards – MORE Bonus Code for Up to TWENTY FREE STARS

free starbucks bonus star codes

YES – you read that correctly! In addition to the code I posted last night, there are THREE more available. Each code can give you 5 free bonus stars in your My Starbucks Rewards account.

Quick note – these codes may be pulled at any time, I have no idea when they expire. You need to log into your account on a computer or phone (NOT THE APP) to enter the codes. You can only enter up to two codes per day. Some of the codes may or may not be regional codes.

  • Brian

    Didn’t work for me

    • 2 of the 4 worked for me. Seems to be different by person/region.

      • melissa

        You can do 2 star codes a day

    • Gwendii214

      None worked for me either :-(

  • None of them worked for me either.

  • Colleen

    The first two gave me an error message, the second two said they had already been redeemed. Ah well.

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