Posted on January 10, 2014

Groovebook Coupon Code: FREE 100 Page PHOTO BOOK with Pictures from Your PHONE with FREE SHIPPING


This is one of the best ideas I have seen in a long time!  I am CONSTANTLY taking pictures on my phone.  Every day I accumulate more and more… some end up on Facebook, some end up in my Project Life binder… and sadly some never see the light of day… UNTIL NOW!

GROOVEBOOK hopes to change all of that with its amazing photobook service.  First things first – download the free GROOVEBOOK app (apple or android).

Each month you will get to choose 100 pictures from your phone and GROOVEBOOK will put together a beautiful little photo book for you.  The pages come perforated so the choice is yours: leave the book in one piece or tear photos out to frame or share.  Your monthly book is FREE.  Shipping is just $2.99.

WANT TO TRY IT ABSOLUTELY 100% FREE?  GROOVEBOOK gave me a coupon code to share with my readers!  This code will score you a completely free book AND free shipping.  If you love it you’re welcome to continue getting your book each month, paying just $2.99 shipping.  If you decide not to receive more books, no problem – you can cancel at any time.

FREE GROOVEBOOK COUPON CODE – To get your free book with free shipping, simply download the GROOVEBOOK app and use code XXXXXXXXXXX when downloading.

GROOVEBOOK will be on Shark Tank TONIGHT, 1/10/14, at 9 pm est on NBC – be sure to check them out!
Instead, I would like to share the experience that I have personally had with this company.  One which I will never ever use and never support after seeing how they treat the bloggers who helped build them in the first place.

My first contact with Groovebook came from an email from a Julie Brody who apparently worked for them in some capacity:

On Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 5:50 AM, Julie <> wrote:

> Hi Devon!
> Hello! We contacted you last summer, but I just wanted to reach out to you
> one more time to let you know of a new post idea to try and get more users
> to upload our app while using your promo code, giving you money in your
> pocket after the holiday craziness. Your promo code, XXXXXXXXXXX, is still
> active! You can start letting everyone know as soon as possible so you can
> start earning money right away! You will earn $2 per upload from anyone
> that uses your unique code while uploading our app! With the amount of
> readers you have, the amount you could earn with GrooveBook is limitless!
> GrooveBook is going to be on Shark Tank THIS Friday! We have finished
> filming and would love to let users know that they can see GrooveBook on
> the show which airs this Friday, January 10 at 9:00pm! You could let them
> know to get their free book before the show airs, give them your code and
> let them know when to watch the show.
> We will also be having a Twitter Party starting at 9:00pm EST so we can
> all watch the show together and anyone that watched can feel free to ask us
> any questions they have! Join by using #GrooveTank and let your readers
> know about it as well. Can’t wait for the fun to start!
> Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything before you
> post. Thank you again for all of your help, we couldn’t do it without you!!

Great, I thought!  I’m game!  I wrote back immediately and agreed to her terms.  I posted the code she included in her email and as you can see from the date stamp, got this post up the next day, before the episode of Shark Tank hit the air.  I got a lot of traffic on this post and received the following email from Julie just over 1 month later:

On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 6:37 PM, Julie <> wrote:
Hello Devon!

I just added up all of your totals for January and it looks like you had
243 uploads , a total of $486. I am submitting your totals to the owner
today, so I was wondering how you would like to be paid. We usually submit
the payment through PayPal if you have an account with them. Please let me
know asap.

Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming success following Shark Tank, we
will no longer be offering the affiliate program. Your promo code will
still give users their first book free, but you will not be compensated for
each upload. We appreciate all of your help more than we can explain.


I wrote her back within minutes and provided my Paypal email address.  That was the last time I have ever heard from someone at Groovebook.  I have emailed them asking for an update on payment 5 times (4/22/14, 5/12/14, 6/1/14, 6/23/14 and 7/25/14).  4 of those emails went to the above cited and the 5th went through the customer contact form on  No response was ever received from any of the emails.

In July 2014 I even send @GroovebookApp a tweet on Twitter.  I was polite and asked for someone to contact me.  Big surprise, no one ever did.

Then one night back in September (9/12/14 to be exact) I noticed that I was once again getting a ton of traffic to this post.  Turns out that the Groovebook episode of Shark Tank re-aired and I was getting dozens of hits from Google.  I took to Twitter again and decided to follow them and send them a private message.  Guess what I found?

THEY HAD BLOCKED ME FROM FOLLOWING THEM!!!!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?  I sent them one lousy (very polite) tweet in July simply asking for someone to contact me regarding promoting that I did for them and THEY FREAKING BLOCKED ME!!!!!  WHAT THE?!?!?!?

groovebook blocked on twitter

I belong to a large network of fellow bloggers and it turns out I’m not the only blogger that Groovebook completely screwed over. It’s lovely to see how successful they have become (that’s sarcastic, obviously) and I can’t for the life of me understand why they can’t dole out a few hundred bucks that was EARNED for PROMOTING THEIR PRODUCT. They gave me a unique coupon code to share with my readers – it should be pretty damn easy to figure out how many downloads I sent to them.

In any case, this is where I currently stand. Out the work, out the money that I rightfully earned and unwilling to share my code any longer and contribute to their traffic. I will never give Groovebook a try, I won’t support a company who conducts business by screwing over the people who helped build them up. No way.

  • Cheree

    You got the year wrong. Thank you fir the code.

    • LOL So I did. Thx – I’ll change it!

  • Louise. Coleman

    Ndid not get May book but was charged

  • As of today, 10/27/14, I have not received one single cent from Groovebook in any form of payment. Totally messed up. They have yet to reply to any of my emails.

  • Olly

    Outrageous behaviour by Groovebook – not the way to treat the blogging community. Seek legal action.

    • If the legal fees wouldn’t cost me more than Groovebook owes me, I would.

  • Dawn White

    Because of Shark Tank I decided to sign up for Groove Book. When I went to sign up, the last entry asked for a coupon code. Well being the frugal mom that I am, I googled “Grove Book Coupon Code” and came to your page. I immediately decided that this was NOT a company to trust so I almost did not purchase the app. I then did more research and found that they sold Groove Book to Shutterfly for $14+ million. Have you tried to contact Shutterfly? I actually went to the Shutterfly website and drilled down until I found a contact us button. I left an email for customer service telling them about my experience and suggesting that they pay commission. It really is the ethical responsibility of the previous owners, but unfortunately the new owners assume this debt. I would think Shutterfly might want to pay out the few hundred bucks to remove this bad report from the web. After all, it was the 2nd link returned in my search.

    • I was stunned this week when Groovebook sold to Shutterfly. I knew that they had turned into a raging success (part of why it burned me so badly that they would stiff me a few hundred bucks… a few hundred bucks is nothing to them but would pay my car payment for 3 months). Sad thing is, I like Shutterfly and have had a very positive working relationship with them over the years. This issue is not on Shutterfly to make better, it’s on Groovebook, but now that they sold out for 14.5 MILLION dollars, they get to wash their hands I suppose. I get a lot of traffic on this post every day, so I know that the link must rank highly with Google. I have tweeted a link to this post to Grooveboook many times (and so have other bloggers they refused to pay) so I know they have seen it by now. No one has contacted me which tells me that they just don’t care. I even tweeted the link to the guy on Shark Tank who gave them their big deal. Nothing. And for months and months I left their code in my post and I’m sure sent hundreds and hundreds of new users to them knowing that I wouldn’t be paid for sending more users. I don’t understand why they never paid, why they never returned an email, why they blocked me on Twitter. I have been polite and professional in my communications to them. But nothing has been returned. Sad. No, I will never use Groovebook myself. I don’t care how cool the product might be. I have to stand firm.

      • Dawn White

        Yes. Sad.

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