2020 Regal Cinemas $1 Summer Movies Schedule

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2020 Regal Cinemas $1 Summer Movies Schedule

Every year we wait with anticipation for the $1 Regal movies schedule to come out!  See below for the 2020 Regal Cinemas $1 Summer Movies Schedule!

2019 Regal Summer Movies

Check back for the 2020 Regal $1 Summer Movies Schedule as soon as it posts!

Moviegoers of all ages can climb aboard to enjoy a great selection of films. During this summer-long weekly movie festival, select Regal Cinemas, United Artists and Edwards Theatres will offer selected PG rated movies for only $1 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m.  Please remember – the schedule varies by location.  Check out their $1 movie schedule, put in your zip code, and search your specific theater’s schedule. This year there are 12-14 weeks of movie fun (length varies by location)!

The 2020 list of participating theaters is coming. Find a theater near you here.

Many theaters are playing BOTH movies BOTH days!  This is a great budget-friendly to spend some time out of the summer heat.

regal dollar movies for kids

2020 Regal Summer Movie Express Schedule

NOTE (DIFFERENT THAN PREVIOUS YEARS): THIS LIST VARIES BY THEATER.  The list below is a sample schedule and will give you a good idea what what movies are playing this summer.

PLEASE make sure you check your local theater to see if: they are participating, WHEN the movie program starts, WHEN specific movies are playing.)

Check out the Regal Summer Movie Express page for more info and details!

Tips for making the most out of Regal $1 Summer Movies:

  1. Arrive early. Many of the $1 summer movies fill up quickly, especially when the weather outside is rainy. Sometimes summer camps or day cares will bring large groups of kids to the movies. If you plan to arrive at the theater 30-60 minutes early, you will almost always be able to score tickets to that days’ movie.
  2. Bring snacks. Leave the cooler at home, but bring your big purse or diaper bag.  Pack snacks and drinks at home. Dollar movies are awesome, but don’t forget how pricey the concession stands can be. While I never turn down fresh popped popcorn, I always get candy at the dollar store for movie going.
  3. Bring a sweatshirt for each kid. Movie theaters are dark and chilly!  Sometimes they are actually too cold when you sit for 2 hours in the AC.  It’s always a good idea to bring an extra layer for everyone, just in case.
  4. Don’t expect a quiet theater. We have all been there – you are all set to enjoy a movie that you have been looking forward to and then you end up with a loud person (kid or adult) in your theater.  Totally annoying.  But try to pack some patience during these $1 summer movies as they are, after all, FOR KIDS.  Kids are chatty, squiggly, and some might have never been to a movie theater before!  Don’t expect a quiet theater and try to go with the (noisy) flow.
  5. Check to make sure your local theater is participating before loading the kids in the car. Don’t set yourself (or your kids) up for massive disappointment. While many Regal, UA, and Edwards Theatres participate in the $1 summer movie program, some do not.

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55 thoughts on “2020 Regal Cinemas $1 Summer Movies Schedule

  1. Just wondering when is the first week as no dates are listed? Also is the price of $1 for adults too or just for the kids?

    1. The start date differs by location – that’s why there are no dates. Follow the link in this post to get to Regal’s site – find your local participating theater and it will tell you what date the program starts. $1 for everyone – regardlless of age. :)

    2. I totally love these programs and take a kids camp every summer, but your idea on not buying concessions is not cool. As being a person that has worked at a local owned movie theater they need money to survive. Yes if you were paying full price bring in some snacks, but you are paying a dollar. Support your theaters or they will be gone forever.

      1. Ummm.. did you read my comment? Yes, I recommended bringing snacks. I also said I always buy popcorn there. Sorry, I’m not paying $5 for the same box of m&ms that the dollar store sells for $1.
        Local, non-chain theaters always get more of my money bc I do believe in supporting small businesses (after all I am one). But not forking over $15 for 3 boxes of Sour Patch Kids at Regal is not something that keeps me up at night. ;)
        I’m not trying to dismiss your comment or be flip – I 500% support small businesses. But I already stated that I buy popcorn and Regal isn’t losing any money by offering a 10 am weekday dollar movie for kids. They are making money during an otherwise dead movie time.

    1. It begins on different dates at different theaters. Follow the link in this post to get to Regal’s site – find your local participating theater and it will tell you what date the program starts.

    1. It’s real. I plan mini trips and day adventures every summer and we do go to regal. Also check out Cinemark is you have one near you. They have a similar summer deal. Thank you for this list.

  2. I saw the comments above and I went to the link/website. I still can’t figure out where this event is posted to find out when it starts… I live in 30078.

        1. The Regal link in this post, http://www.regmovies.com/Movies/Summer-Movie-Express. Scroll down – every theater name has a date next to it which is Week 1.

          1. No… that’s the name of the theater. You need to scroll all the way to the right if you’re on a phone – there are dates listed next to each theater on the right hand side of the page. So it would say June XYZ, 2014. When in doubt, call your local theater and ask when they start.

  3. I’ve seen similar programs, but I’ve had to prepurchase a punch card. For this program do you pay at the door? Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have been since they had these movies, that used to be free, but $1 is still great. Took the kids to every movie last summer. So thankful my kids get to see all themovies.

  5. I would like to request that Regal reserve one theater for people who just attend as a family. We tried to attend last year and were crowded in every time among multiple day care groups with leaders constantly yelling out directions and talking to t he kids. (They weren’t yelling at the children, just yelling so all of them could hear.) This was not an enjoyable experience and with 8 or 9 theaters available in our town one should be reserved for those not attending with a large group. It’s also hard to get a seat when the daycares tell you they are holding multiple rows for their kids to sit together.

    1. The dates are all different depending on when your local Regal starts. Follow the link in this post to Regal’s site. Find your local theater and it will list the starting date for that theater. That’s week #1. :)

  6. Maybe I’m just not understanding, but 2 movies are listed for each week. Is the first movie shown that Tuesday and the second is Wednesday? My old town had the same movie on those two days, so I wanted to make sure. Thanks!

  7. I’ve been super excited since seeing this post! Unfortunately I finally got around to looking up the schedule for my local Regal and it doesn’t include any of the movies you have listed here. Major bummer! I’ll be looking forward to it next year I guess!

    1. The movies will only show up if you look on the schedule for a Tuesday or Wednesday. In my experience, they do a very poor job of promoting these movies and it’s very hard to track down the information. So double thanks for posting the link!

  8. Cinemark Movies do the same type program. There you can buy a ticket ahead of time online for $5 for the whole summer, or can do $1 at the door. Their’s start at 9:30am (at least here in Jacksonville, FL) so, I’ll be honest, with 3 kids, we will most likely still do the Regal. Just wanted to share!

    1. Yes!! I was happy to see that Cinemark will be offering their program again this summer. I will have a post up with their info in the next couple of days. Nice that there are some different options. Frank Theatres sometimes runs one too.

    1. Did you look them up using the link I posted? If they aren’t listed they aren’t participating this year – that could be why they didn’t know about it.

  9. Regal’s 2014 $1 summer movie program is a sham. This year they started the regular showings at the same time as the $1 movies.This caused a shortage in availabe theaters. Consequently, it did not matter if you were at the theater early or not, you were still met with long lines. Countless people were turned away. The only accommodation offered was the wonderful opportunity to pay for a higher priced movie. For a family of six, the cost would have amounted to at least $150 with snacks. Thanks alot for a special summer sham, Regal. Keep up the great work!

    1. I must say that hasn’t been the case in my area. There gave been 4 theaters and at one point 5 theaters with nothing else starting until 1pm. ($1 movies started at 10am). It has been a weekly activity for us!

  10. either I am doing something wrong or there are no theaters in California participating. I guess I will just have to take a trip to our local theater to ask.

  11. I think they should do one day for the morning and one day in the evening. showing them all at 10:00am doesn’t give the children who have parents that work 1st shift the chance to go to see the movies at a discounted price that the parents may not be able to afford otherwise. It kind of discriminates against the children of people who work 1st shift…

  12. I take a van load of children every week to these. Its a fun cheap excursion unless you plan to buy food. I was shocked in 2016, after Regal bought it, how much the kids pack price had went up. It went from $3 for kids popcorn and drink to $7 and they added a pkg of gummy’s. So be prepared, in which I was not last year. I wound up buying one large popcorn to share and going to the water fountain.

    1. OMG I know! I am checking their site multiple times every day. I will update this post as soon as they share their info. This is definitely the latest they have ever posted.

  13. Your week 2 is incorrect. It’s teen titans go. You have a repeat of house with a clock… just a heads up. But thanks for posting the list!! It’s so hard to find it listed out like this.

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