Posted on October 7, 2011

ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards and EarlyZoo iPad App Review

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Thanks to our site contributor Jen for checking out these learning tools from ChildUp, including the (FREE!) iPad/iPhone App, EarlyZoo.

My crazy toddler, Rickey, LOVES animals.  We recently had the opportunity to review ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards and the EarlyZoo App for iPad (also available for iPhone).


The EarlyZoo App has 80 different animals in 8 different categories. There is a short description for each animal and the app has the animals making their individual sounds.  I learned some animal noises like a Giraffe – who knew what kind of noise a giraffe makes?!


Rickey is only 20 months old but he knew many of the animals already.  We live in a rural area and there are farms everywhere… every time we drive past a farm we slow way down and look for all of the animals! Rickey loved spotting the animals that he knows when using this app (dog, cat, COW, horse, chicken, sheep).  He also loved me telling him about the animals that he didn’t know. This is a great app for him because it is something that will grow with him.  The pictures are friendly and life-like. The app also has a section with the animals in their habitats – it’s perfect to help kids learn where all of the animals live!


In addition to the Zoo app we also reviewed the ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards. These cards are perfect for boys or girls from 1 to 5 years old.  Guess what they also incorporate?  The animals! These cards are super cute and come in a box for safe keeping.


Rickey can count to 3 and he helps me count to 5 already but these cards are going help him learn to count to 20! He loves that they also include his favorite animals (especially COWS).

Both the cards and the app will come in very handy when entertaining my crazy toddler – especially when we are waiting at a restaurant!

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We highly recommend the ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards and the Early Zoo application if you have a young learner!

ChildUp provided us with the products reviewed above in order to facilitate the review.  All opinions are 100% our own.

  • Nichole Clements

    I have a 3.5 yr. old here at home with me and Santa and I have been looking at LeapFrogs LeapPad for the holiday. Have you had a chance to review the LeapPad? Or have you heard anything good or bad about it? I’m concerned my Lil guy might be to young for this technology and it’s costly for Santa. I’d appreciate any pros or cons. Thank You

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