Posted on August 28, 2011

{Freebie Alert} AWESOME FREE Beauty Bag Stuffed with Samples from Target

target beauty bag


This was a HUGE favorite when it was offered several months ago – and it’s BACK!

RACE over and request your FREE Beauty Samples bag from Target.

Snag a free sample of Poise Pads while you’re over there.

Thanks, Northern Cheapskate.

  • Kim Luebke

    looks like a good sample

  • Amanda

    I tried to get it but I keep getting the circle wheel thing that just keeps spinning after confirming my order with the answer to the math question!!

  • millie

    being on disability, it’s hard to afford “luxuries” for my self. this package would be great. thanks !

  • Patricia luisi

    Awesome sample! A friend just sent me over. Can’t wait to get it :)

  • My request sat on the Please Wait screen, grayed out, with a spinning dial, until the request timed out. When I went back to start over, it said a request for that address had already been submitted. I’m hopeful it actually went through. I requested a sample for my DIL (different addy), and same thing happened.

    • Staci

      I’m getting the same response when I try to order it. =0(

  • Mindee

    I had the same issue as Jenny – hope it went through!

  • Carol

    Same thing happened to me. Fingers crossed that it actually went through!

  • Nikki

    Same thing happened to me!

  • Melissa

    The same thing happened to me, hoping it worked & I get it, I loved the last one that I got sent from Target! It was an awesome bag filled with good samples!

  • Brandy

    same thing happened to me as well :(

  • stephaie

    Same thing happened to me too!!!!

  • Kim

    Just happened to me too! Ohhh I sure hope it sends, I would LOVE to have this one!!

  • laela

    same thing just happened to me :(

  • Rebecca V

    same thing happened to me

  • Barbara Gotti

    the same thing as above happened to me….I was in wait limbo and when I tried to resubmit, it said that a sample had already been requested from this address. I hope one of those got through..I really want to try the samples from Target…my favorite store!

  • Ashley

    Same thing happened to me, I tried again with my other mailing address and it happened again.

  • Paula E.

    Same thing happened when I tried to sign up.

  • Paula E.

    When I tried again with the same info I got a message that a request had already been made. Maybe it went through after all.

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