Posted on April 14, 2011

Kmart Winter Clearance: $7.99 Coats and $1.99 Clothing

kmart clearance 2

Just an FYI – I found some good markdowns in the kid section at Kmart yesterday. It might be worthwhile to pop into your local store to see if they have any clearance.

I found winter coats for $7.99 and a few racks with clothing for $1.99.

The best part was finding a TON of kids’ slippers on clearance. Lily Bean has a really beat up, nasty, ready-to-toss pair of princess slippers and lo and behold – we found an almost identical new pair. They were marked at 50% off – $4.99 which I thought was decent.

But even MORE exciting was when they rang up for $1.24!!!

kmart clearance

Kmart Winter Clearance: $7.99 Coats and $1.99 Clothing
  • monica

    if you go to check out these deals, check in bins near clothing areas that have undies for everyone in the family. underwear, shirts, socks, etc…. my mom went to our local Kmart and scored for all her grandkids! everything was marked to .25cents! my son got tons of hanes undies, different sizes with his favorite characters (spiderman, transformers, Cars/Mater, etc). even men’s boxers were 0.25! :)

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