Posted on May 12, 2010 Free Tools for Financial Freedom and Analysis

Have you ever heard of

I first heard of the website last year, and finally a couple of months ago I sat down to really take a look at it.


If you want to be more in control of your money, listen up. is going to save you time, frustration and will more than likely save you some money in the process. is a completely free website.  You sign up for a free account and they hand feed you the account setup process.  It was so incredibly easy to get my account started.  Once I added my bank and credit card accounts, I set up a monthly budget.  I was able to enter what amounts I wanted to spend on certain things, and shortly thereafter I was presented with chart after beautiful chart of my spending habits.

When I finished entering my budget categories, I was able to access a fully customizable chart:

From that point on, goes to work.  It tracks your spending using the bank and credit card info that you enter.  It automatically enters items you purchase or pay for into your chart.  (This info is very easy to edit if you need to make any changes.)  As the month goes on, you can watch as your charts fill themselves- and see where your money is going!

Here is my chart so far for May… as you can see, I haven’t spent much- the majority of our monthly bills are paid mid-late month!

Take control of your spending!  Try today- you have nothing to lose- it’s free!

Do you already use  What do you think about it?

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