Posted on April 20, 2010

MyPoints: Earn Big for Online Purchases

I have told you before all about MyPoints and how you can VERY easily earn lots of points to redeem for gift cards.

Here’s an example of how to get more bang for your buck:

My laptop was steps from the electronic graveyard.  It was all but emitting smoke thanks to me using it into the ground over the past two years.  I decided to finally bite the bullet and purchase a new one.  I did my research and ended up finding a nice computer available at Best Buy.  By taking the following steps, I maximized my rewards and savings:

  • Purchased online through MyPoints.  I earned a whopping 999 points!
  • Chose in-store pickup-  saved money on shipping and was able to bring my laptop home immediately
  • Entered my Best Buy Rewards Zone card number at checkout, earning enough points to receive $10 in Best Buy gift cards


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