Posted on January 25, 2010

Juno Baby DVD Review

When I heard about the Juno Baby DVD series I wondered if this was just another DVD targeted to children that made promises to educate my little one. In fact, the real challenge for me is that Mason does not watch any television, despite the fact that I have on occasion tried to get him interested in other age appropriate programming or DVDs. In the end, he’d rather spend his days playing on his piano or reading his books.

From the beginning of his life Mason had been exposed to all genres of music, including classical, rock, folk, and country. He loves music and it really does surprise me that other DVDs I have introduced him to do not catch his attention. So, I approached this DVD as I do any other in the hopes of obtaining a genuine interest from Mason. I was pleasantly surprised that from the first song, Juno Baby had Mason’s attention! The puppets used in the series could not be cuter! They are attractive and brightly colored, which definitely held Mason’s attention. Right from the beginning, the orchestral music, including the melodies and harmonies were interesting. By the third song, Mason was dancing to the music and watching the puppets intently. The simple storyline throughout the DVD made it easy for Mason to follow and it kept his attention. Another nice feature of Juno Baby’s “Juno’s Rhythm Adventure” is that it includes skills to grow into like clapping, snapping fingers, and patting. It also shows how to use these skills in a song while making music.

After viewing this DVD I wanted to learn more about Juno Baby and the other products they had to offer. On the website,, I was pleased to learn that the Juno Baby company has launched a “One For All Program”. For every Juno Baby DVD, CD, or book purchased, Juno Baby donates a like product to a child in an under served community. Juno Baby is partnered with social service agencies and children’s organizations around the world to help bring music to all children. I love the fact that by my introducing music to my son, there is another child somewhere who can have the same musical experience and hopefully will be inspired along the way.

Juno Baby provided us with the product reviewed above free of charge. All opinions are 100% ours and should not be substituted for your own experience.

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