Posted on December 29, 2009

Our Christmas Adventure

This year we thought long and hard about what to do on Christmas Day. We were quickly getting swept up in family drama, where to go, whose house to eat at, and the list goes on. We finally sat down and talked about how we could keep the focus of the holidays on our little family- how we could create some amazing memories and spend the entire day enjoying each other’s company.

Imagine my surprise when our final decision led us to something so non-traditional, I questioned whether or not we were making a good choice. We decided to head over to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ. Lily Bean LOVES fish (she has a small aquarium in her room), and from what we’ve heard, they have a pretty cool setup.
This post really isn’t to tell you about saving money, but it’s worth mentioning- this was one of the cheapest outings we’ve had in awhile.

Admission- Kids 2 and Under are free
$21.95/adult (we used 50% off coupon- THANKS, Robin!)- paid $24 total

Food- You are allowed to bring in your own food!! 2 Wawa Shorti hoagies, chips, soda: $12

Parking- Usually $10/car- they were not collecting parking fees that day! FREE

Gift shop- Yup, we were so pleased with how little everything had cost at that point, we bought Lily Bean a stuffed penguin: $10

The aquarium was WONDERFUL!!! There were PLENTY of great things to see and do. Lily Bean was in heaven! We probably spent 3-4 hours inside, which included eating our lunch. We saw sharks, hippos, seals, penguins, and about 50 million different kinds of fish. LOL They have “please touch” areas where you can touch sharks, rays, and other sea creatures. We all loved the ocean theatre- a HUGE viewing window into the aquarium’s jaw droppingly giant tank- complete with stadium seating! The staff members put on a short show in the theatre that ended with an appearance in the tank from Scuba Santa!
From the Christmas music and decorations to the excitement of the ocean, Biker Bob and I agree that we can’t remember a better Christmas. We spent the entire day enjoying our little family, and watching Lily Bean delight in tank after tank of exciting sea life. The experience taught me not to be afraid to deviate from the norm once in awhile- you just never know what hidden treasures might be waiting.
Happy Holidays, everyone- and best wishes for an amazing new year!
Here’s a video of our trip (suscribers: click over to the site if you can’t see it!). It’s a mix of still images and video, and it’s set to my very favorite Christmas tune: Believe by Josh Groban (from The Polar Express soundtrack).

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