Posted on December 3, 2009

New Addition to Gift Guide:"Take Your Pix" Board Book Photo Album

Lily Bean LOVES her books! They are some of her very favorite “toys” and she will actually sit for 10-15 minutes at a time “reading” throughout the day- not bad for a 14 month old! Of course, what makes her books even better are when they are picture books with familiar faces inside.

My sister and I were just discussing kids books a few weeks ago. I told her how I had made Lily some photo flashcards and we looked through a couple picture books that we made recently. She commented that she wished there were photo board books for babies to enjoy. I agreed- photo books are great, but they are not meant for little hands. Little hands need chunky, hard to destroy, thick pages that can withstand their exploration.
I couldn’t believe my luck when just a few days after that conversation I received the opportunity to review a “Take Your Pix” photo album. Guess what they are? Photo albums AND board books- in one! Thick, sturdy, and featuring notches on the pages for easy turning, these books are EXACTLY what my sister and I have been searching for!
It’s so easy- you simply print out (or have prints made) the pictures you’d like to include in your book. Photos slide in the tops of the pages- and there is clear plastic protecting them from sticky baby hands. Each album has 20 thick cardboard pages and they are available in several colors: white, blue, pink, and yellow.
We received the yellow album. I spent about 30 minutes printing, cutting, and loading my photos into the book while Biker Bob kept Lily Bean busy with other toys. When it was ready to give to her, I called her name and held it up for her to see. I wish I had the video camera rolling to show her overjoyed response. She marched right over to me, climbed on the couch, and dove right into the book. The next 15 minutes were filled with her current favorite phrase/question, “IS IT????!!!!!!” She wanted us to tell her each and every person in the book (mostly her) and imagine the yelling when she got to the page with her on a pony ride! She came back to the book two more times after dinner before bed. (Here’s a pic full of “IS IT!!!”)
There is no question- this book is an absolute perfect fit for Lily Bean. Priced at just $19.95, you can check out their website at

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