20 Delicious Keto Fat Bombs You Have to Try!

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Whether you are following the Keto diet or simply enjoying a low-crab lifestyle, you are probably familiar with fat bombs. Here are 20 delicious keto fat bombs you have to try!

best keto fat bombs

Easy Keto Snacks

Many of you are probably familiar with the ketogenic diet, more commonly referred to as keto. In fact, I’m guessing that chances are pretty good that you know exactly what keto is, and that’s why you’re here. You already know that the concept behind keto is to enter ketosis which is when the body burns fat stores instead of glucose.

Some common snacks for those following the keto diet include:

  • cheese
  • nuts (almonds, macadamias, peanuts, walnuts, etc)
  • seeds (pumpkin, pine nuts, etc)
  • non-starchy veggies
  • pickles
  • hard boiled eggs
  • keto fat bombs

Keto Fat Bombs

I know, I know – the term “fat bomb” is a bit of a head turner. But not only are these treats delicious, they are also a great way to add a big portion of healthy fats to your daily nutritional intake. We love making batches of fat bombs and then we store them in the freezer until eating. There are many different varieties of delicious fat bombs – though my very favorites are the ones that include CHOCOLATE.

The hardest part about cutting sugar from my diet has been that afternoon craving for sweets.  It pretty much never fails – an hour or two after I eat lunch, my sweet tooth is desperate for something chocolate-y.  Having chocolate fat bombs on hand always do the trick and take away my cravings (without giving in to sugar-filled candy!).

Delicious Keto Fat Bombs to Try!

Check out these delicious keto fat bombs that are sure to curb those cravings for sweets!

Strawberry Cheesecake Fat Bombs by Savory Tooth

Keto Candy Bar Fat Bombs by How To This And That

Peppermint Fat Bombs by Fat For Weight Loss

Chocolate Cherry Fat Bombs by Create Mindfully

Samoa Fudge Bombs by Beauty And The Foodie

Keto Neapolitan Fat Bombs by Kimspired DIY

Gingerbread Fat Bombs by Linneyville

Lemon Macadamia Fat Bombs by Health Starts In The Kitchen

Almond Pistachio Fat Bombs by The Healthy Foodie

Keto Fat Bombs With MCT Oil by What Molly Made

Pina Colada Keto Fat Bombs by Forget Sugar Friday

Chocolate Pecan Fat Bombs by Life Made Sweeter

Pumpkin Keto Fat Bombs by Moscato Mom

White Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs by Low Carb Yum

Easy Almond Butter Fat Bombs by Hey Keto Mama

Peanut Butter Whips Frozen Fat Bombs by Low Carb Yum

Pecan Pie Fat Bombs by Bakerita

Spiced Cocoa Frozen Fat Bombs by Keto Diet App

Low Carb Sugar Free Maple Fudge by My PCOS Kitchen

Keto Chocolate Fat Bombs by Recipes From A Pantry

So really the only question is… which one will you try first?

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20 Delicious Keto Fat Bombs

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