Posted on March 3, 2016

20 Awesome Leprechaun Tricks to Play on Kids!

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20 Awesome Leprechaun Tricks to Play on Kids!

best leprechaun tricks

St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th.

Last year Lily’s Kindergarten class made leprechaun traps.  The kids went BERZERK when they arrived at school on St. Patrick’s Day and saw the fun those leprechauns had with their traps!  (And no, much to the kids’ dismay, no leprechauns were caught!)  Another fun activity is Leprechaun Boogers (Slime).

Leprechaun Boogers Slime

Check out these fun ideas for making some leprechaun mischief at YOUR home.  These ideas range from super simple to some time involved – LOL – that way you can choose your commitment level!

1.  Make a leprechaun trap.  This can be as simple or as involved as you want to make it.  For extra fun, have the leprechaun leave a little treasure (gold chocolate coins, candy, etc) after he evades the trap.

leprechaun trap

2. Leave some gold coins. Whether you leave plastic funny money or the chocolate version, these are a fun and easy thing to leave from the leprechaun. Tip: buy your coins EARLY. A couple years ago I forgot to buy them until the day before 3/17. Yeah, no gold coins anywhere. Easter candy EVERYWHERE.

Gold Coins

3. Leave a letter from the leprechaun like Creekside Learning did.

Leprechaun Letter

More St. Patrick’s Day Fun:

4.  Leave green footprints with washable markers like Sheek Shindigs did!

Green Leprechaun Footprints

5.  My kids would go NUTS if the leprechauns set up this windshield rainbow like Cup of Jo did!


6.  Swap out a lightbulb or two with GREEN lights like Oh! Rubbish blog.  You could color the lightbulb with a green Sharpie or just swap out a regular bulb for a green lightbulb.


7.  How fun are these Magic Leprechaun Rocks from Gift of Curiosity? They DISSOLVE to reveal a secret TREASURE!


8.  Have the leprechauns leave a rainbow made from streamers.   Here’s an example from just tell me to relax and breathe.

Rainbow Streamers

9.  The leprechauns left temporary tattoos on family members over at My Crazy Good Life!  This one would obviously depend on whether your kids are heavy or light sleepers.

Leprechaun Tattoo

10.  Swap out the kids’ shoelaces for green shoelaces!

Green Shoelaces

11.  Leave special snacks – Lucky Charms and green milk are both great ideas!  (This example is from Half Hour Meals.)


12.  Use window markers to leave leprechaun greens on windows and/or mirrors!

Crayola 8 Count Washable Window Markers

13.  Use Fizzy Tints tablets (yellow and blue) to surprise the kids with GREEN water like Steve Spangler Science did. 


14.  That sneaky leprechaun can put stickers on the toilet paper roll like on My Crazy Good Life.

Leprechaun Toilet Paper Stickers

15.  I hate when the leprechaun turns your real money into funny money!  (Pic from Leprechaun Tricks)


16.  The leprechaun could turn some cookies into gold “coins!”

Spray Painted Gold Cookies

17.  Have the leprechaun serve up some Pot O’Gold Punch!

shamrock soda

18.  Give the kids some Leprechaun Bait to help their leprechaun-catching-attempts!

Leprechaun Bait Free Printable

20. Similar to the magic rocks, have the leprechaun leave these Magic Shamrocks for the kids.  This example is from Growing a Jeweled Rose.


Pssst… need to clean up those leprechaun messes?  Make sure you grab the free Mrs. Meyer’s products from Grove Collaborative!!  My FAVE freebies!!!

Grove Spring Exclusive


20 Awesome Leprechaun Tricks to Play On Your Kids

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