15 Food-Themed Valentine Printables

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to spread the love than with some deliciously creative and food-themed printable cards? Whether you’re planning a classroom exchange, adding a special touch to your kids’ lunchboxes, or just looking for a fun way to share the love, these 15 food-themed Valentine’s printables are sure to delight anyone on your list. From sweet treats to savory snacks, there’s a card for every taste!

Easy Food-Themed Valentine Printables

All of the Valentine’s printables featured in this line-up were designed by Yours Truly!

1. Skittles Valentine

Brighten someone’s day with a rainbow of colors and flavors! Our Skittles Valentine printable is perfect for those who believe colorful fun is the spice of life. Attach a small bag of Skittles, and you’re all set to deliver a message that’s as sweet as it is colorful. (There are actually a BUNCH of different versions for this printable – friend, teacher, student, staff, etc.)

Skittles Valentine ReShoot 1

2. Applesauce Valentine

For a healthier twist, our Applesauce Valentine is adorable and perfect for school friends. It’s a wonderful way to say “You’re the apple of my eye” (and a couple other phrases!) while promoting a snack that parents can appreciate too.

3. S’mores Valentines (2 Versions)

Nothing says “I love you s’more” like these charming S’mores Valentines. We have two versions to choose from, whether you’re leaning towards a more classic look or something a bit more kid-friendly. Pair with a mini s’mores kit for a gift that’s both sweet and thoughtful.

Love You Smores Tag WFC HERO

4. Cheese Stick Valentine

Our Cheese Stick Valentine is a gouda choice for those who prefer savory over sweet. With a cheesy pun that says “Not to sound CHEESY, but you’re a great friend,” it’s a fun way to share a smile and a snack.

String Cheese Valentine

5. Sweet Treat Valentine

This general Sweet Treat Valentine is versatile and delightful, perfect for attaching to any sweet snack of your choice. It’s a great and easy way to personalize a treat for teachers, classmates, or friends.

Sweet Treat Valentine Teacher

6. Bag of Chips Valentine

Crunchy, salty, and oh-so-satisfying, our Bag of Chips Valentine is for those who think a salty snack is the way to their heart. With a playful message that says “You’re all that and a bag of chips,” it’s a hit for all ages. Pick up a big case of snack-sized chip bags for a quick and budget-friendly Valentine.

Chips Valentine Idea

7. Goldfish Valentine

Dive into the fun with our Goldfish Valentine, featuring a cute message that’s perfect for the little fish in your school. It’s a fin-tastic way to share a snack that’s loved by kids and adults alike.

Easy Goldfish Valentines

8. Donut Valentines

Who can resist a donut? Our Donut Valentines are a sweet way to tell someone how awesome they are! These printables are perfect for attaching to a box of donuts or a single wrapped treat.

Donut Valentine Idea

9. Hershey Kiss Tic Tac Toe Valentines

Add a playful twist to your Valentine’s Day with our Hershey Kiss Tic Tac Toe Valentines. It’s a card and a game all in one, making it a memorable and interactive way to celebrate.

Hershey Kiss Tic Tac Toe

10. Unicorn Horn Lollipop Valentines

Magical and mesmerizing, these Unicorn Horn Lollipop Valentines are perfect for those who believe in a little Valentine’s Day magic. They’re engaging, colorful, and sure to enchant anyone who receives them.

Cute Unicorn Valentines

11. Chicken Nugget Valentine

For a quirky and unexpected twist, try our Chicken Nugget Valentine. It’s a humorous way to share a favorite snack! You can add real nuggets or a gift card to your fave chicken restaurant – Chick-fil-a, Popeyes, etc.

12. Cereal Valentine

Start someone’s day off right with our Cereal Valentine. It’s a creative and cute way to gift a single-serving cereal box with a note that’s sure to make them smile.

13. Skittles Unicorn Poop Valentine

For a giggle and a grin, our Skittles Unicorn Poop Valentine is as funny as it is colorful. It’s a playful way to celebrate with friends and family, proving that Valentine’s Day can be both sweet and silly.

Unicorn Poop Skittles Valentines Printables Feature

14. Gumball Valentines

Our Gumball Valentines are a blast from the past with a bubblegum sweet twist. Attach a small bag of gumballs (or a mini gumball machine!) and watch the smiles grow as you spread some old school fun.

Gumball Valentine HERO

15. Cookie Valentine

Last but certainly not least, our Cookie Valentine is a classic choice for anyone who loves baking or simply enjoying a sweet treat. Whether homemade or store-bought, cookies are a heartfelt way to show your love.

Smart Cookie Valentine HERO

No matter which card you choose, these food-themed Valentine’s Day printables are a fun and unique way to celebrate with family and friends! Be sure to take a spin through the huge collection of Valentine content on the site while you’re here!



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