15 Brilliant Tips for Camping with Kids

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We love camping! It’s such an amazing thing to unplug (for the most part LOL) with the kids and take in nature and the great outdoors. We have camped with the kids as they have ranged from the age of almost-2 to almost-8. We have picked up some amazing tips, tricks and hacks to make camping a little easier with the younger crowd!

tips for Camping with Kids

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Best Tips for Camping with Kids

Check out these tips for camping with little kids!

1.  Bring construction truck toys for campground play.  Our kids have a blast and stay busy for hours when we bring some of our bulldozer toys from home.  They drive them all over the campground, pick up twigs and stones, and dump them in piles.

Kids Camping

2.  Use a kids’ bedrail to keep kids from rolling out of camper beds.  We picked up a foldable bedrail for $5 a few years ago at a consignment sale.  We store the bedrail in our camper and use it on the table-converted-to-bed to keep the kid from rolling right onto the floor.

Bed Rail in Camper for Kids

3.  Bring a fishing pole if your campground offers catch-and-release fishing.  Since many campgrounds feature a lake or pond or stream and they are located on private property, you can fish on them without a fishing license.  This is a wonderful opportunity to teach the kids to fish!  Pick up a cheap fishing rod and spend some time by the water!

Lily Fishing

4.  Buy some glow sticks at the dollar store.  The kids love wearing them at night and bonus – they give you a great visual for spotting them around the dark campsite.

glow sticks

5. If you have little ones who are afraid of the dark and glow sticks aren’t cutting it, get them their own little battery operated lantern.  These lanterns are easy for kids to carry around and light up their walking path or just give them a little comfort if they don’t like the dark.


6. EZ-Up canopy tents are essential outdoor gear – especially when you are camping on a non-wooded site.  Set the kids up with toys, a baby pool, etc under the tent and let them play the day away without getting too much sun.

EZ Up Canopy Tent for Camping

7.  Take along a basket of snacks already portioned into bags.  This will cut down on waste as kids enjoy their snacks, and also keep your campsite free of open bags of food (which will attract all sorts of unwanted critters!).

Veggie Snacks

8.  Pick up a set of telescoping skewers for safer campfire cooking.  We have a couple of these and they are perfect because they don’t take up a lot of space in the camper but they give the kids plenty of distance from the fire.  They make roasting campfire faves like marshmallows and hot dogs a breeze!

DIY S'mores Bar

9.  As an alternative to the telescoping skewers OR used in addition – these Grill Heat Gloves absorb heat.  Kids can hold their marshmallow sticks over the campfire without heating their hands.

10.  Want to add a total “WOW” factor to your campfire?  Pick up a pack of Mystical Fire.  Toss 3-5 unopened packs right into the campfire flames and watch as the flames “magically” turn colors!

Mystical Fire Campfire Fireplace Colorant

11.  Love this idea for nightime glow-in-the-dark bowling from Growing a Jeweled Rose.

glow stick bowling

12.  I like how Mama Momtourage uses this IKEA hanging organizer to keep the kids’ things sorted.  You can fill the compartment with clothing, shoes, diapers, etc.

IKEA clothing organizer

13.  Turn an inexpensive blow up kiddie pool into a stargazing spot that will contain the kids!  Family Days Tried and Tested added pillows and blankets to their pool, giving the kids a snuggly dry spot to watch the stars.

star gazing in kiddie pool

14.  For your littlest campers who still enjoy the Pack ‘n Play, cover the playard with a fitted crib sheet to keep bugs out and cut down on sun exposure.  This example is from Little Baby Watson.

pack n play camping

15.  Use a pocket organizer to hold everything from bathroom essentials to kids’ toys and art supplies.  This example is from How Does She.

shoe organizer

Bonus Tip – Think you are ready to move from tent camping to RV camping but not sure which one is the right fit for your fam? We highly recommend renting an RV (or three) to try-before-you-buy. A popular RV rental site is Outdoorsy!


15 Brilliant Tips for Camping with Kids

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Brilliant Tips for Camping with Kids

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