13 Perfectly PUMPKIN Instant Pot Recipes

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Pumpkin Instant Pot Recipes

As soon as those leaves start to change colors, the pumpkin patches at every neighborhood farm are jam-packed with pumpkins ready for picking. See how easy it is to let your Instant PotOpens in a new tab. cook up some pumpkin deliciousness!  Check out these tasty pumpkin Instant Pot recipes!

PUMPKIN Instant Pot Recipes

You can’t really go anywhere from about late August through November without finding every store shelf full of every pumpkin spice everything. Why not cook up some pumpkin dishes of your own while you’re at it?

Soon after buying my Instant PotOpens in a new tab., I found myself letting that handy cooker take the reins for at least a couple of dinners each week.  We are enjoying the speedy cooking that tastes like the food has been simmering for hours upon end in a slow cooker. When it comes to fall favorites like PUMPKINS, using a pressure cooker is a great way to whip up some tasty dishes!

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