80 Easy Teacher Gift Ideas with FREE Printable Tags

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First, the winter holidays arrive and it’s time to spread cheer to teachers, neighbors, co-workers, coaches, bus drivers, etc.  Then after a long winter’s rest (HA!), we inevitably get closer and closer to that finish line called “Summer Vacation.” Somewhere in between that is Teacher Appreciation Day. Then as June approaches, your kids will no doubt attend all sorts of end-of-the-year events.  Awards ceremonies, dance recitals, field days, class picnics, graduations and so on and so on.

Easy Teacher Gift Ideas

It’s always nice to send a gift of thanks to your child(ren)’s teachers.  A small gesture shows your appreciation for them spending day in and day out with your kiddo(s).  Gifts can be as simple or as grandiose as you want.  I received many teacher gifts back in my teaching days, and I appreciated them all.  A gift as simple as a handwritten note goes a long way to show your thanks.

Check out this free printable teacher survey.  I recommend having your kids’ teachers fill this out in the beginning of the year, then make copies for the rest of the class of their answers!

teacher survey

I have posted a variety of easy teacher gift ideas over the years.  Many of those posts include free printable tags or cards to make your gifting even easier.  Enjoy this round up of free teacher gift printables!  (Post is updated every year with new printables and ideas, so make sure you pin this post!)

Teacher Gift Printable Tags

1.  Hope Your Summer is a BUCKET of Fun (free printable tag)

Teacher Gift Beach Bucket

2.  Thanks for a TOTE-ally Awesome Year (free printable tag)

Teacher Tote Bag Gift

3. Thank You for ILLUMINATING My Path to Learning (free printable tag)

Lantern Tag

4. You Are the KEY to My Success! (free printable tag)

Free Key to Success Teacher Printable SQUARE

5. Free Teacher Quote Print (free printable print)

Free Printable Teacher Quote Gift

6. Thanks a Latte (free printable gift card holder)

Thanks a Latte

7. I’m So LUCKY That You’re My Teacher (free printable tag)

Skittles Teacher Gift

8. Butterfly Teacher Quote (free printable tag)

Origami Owl Core Bracelet Butterfly Teacher Gift

9. Ballet / Dance Teacher Gift Idea – “Thanks for Keeping Me on My Toes” Pirouette Cookies with Ribbon (free printable tag)


10. Swedish Fish Teacher Gift Idea for Swim Teachers and Coaches (free printable tag)

teacher gift swedish fish swimming mermaid appreciation
teacher gift swedish fish swimming mermaid appreciation tag close up

11.  Teachers Like You PAINT Bright Futures (free printable tag)

Teachers Like You Paint Bright Futures

12. Pencil Bouquet for 1st Day of School (free printable tag)

teacher gift

13. Candy Cane (Peppermint) Sugar Scrub (free printable tag)

Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

14. Thanks for Keeping Me on TARGET (free printable gift card holder)

teacher gift

15. Walking in a WAWA Wonderland (free printable gift card holder)

Free Printable Wawa Gift Card Holder

16. You’re SCENT-sational Candle Gift (free printable tag)

Candle Teacher Gift

17. Our Kid is the Reason You Drink Alcohol Gift (free printable tag)

Our Kid is the Reason You Drink Wine Gift

18. You WARM My Heart Mug Gift (free printable tag)

You Warm My Heart Tag

19. So Glad I’m STUCK with a Great Teacher Like You! (free printable tag)

Teacher Glue Stick Gift

20. POPPING in to Say THANKS Popcorn Themed Teacher Gift (free printable tag)

Popcorn Teacher Gift

21. Gardening Teacher Gift with Quote (free printable tag)

gardening teacher gift

22. You’re the BALM Lip Balm Teacher Gift Idea (free printable tag)

Lip Balm Teacher Gift

23. O-FISH-ALLY the Best Teacher Swedish Fish Gift Idea (free printable tag)

O Fish Ally Best Teacher Ever

24. Thanks to You, I’m One Smart Cookie Teacher Gift Idea + FREE Printable Tag

Cookie Gift for Teachers

25. Gotta Get a WAWA Gift Card Idea + Free Printable Card Holder

Free Wawa Gift Card Holder

26. LEGO Hand Sanitizer Teacher Gift + Free Printable Tag

Legos in Hand Sanitizer

27. I SOAP You Have a Merry Christmas Soap Teacher Gift Idea + FREE Printable Tags

Soap Teacher Gift

Here’s a newer version using hand soap!

Soap Teacher Gifts SQUARE

28. You’re the Bomb (Bath Bomb Gift Idea) Free Printable Tag

Bath Bomb Gift Tag

29. Sending You WARM Holiday Wishes Printable Gift Tag for Blankets

30. Wrapping Paper & Tape Easy Last Minute Gift Idea + Tag

Gift Wrap Present Idea

31. Free Printable Netflix Gift Card Holder

Netflix Gift Card Printable Holder

32. In Case of Emergency… Break Glass Gift Card Printable Sign

Break Glass Printable

33. You’re the Bomb (Bath Bomb Gift Idea) Free Printable Tag

Bath Bomb Gift Tag

34. “TWIZZ” the Season to Be Jolly Twizzler Candy Gift Idea + Printable Tag

Twizzlers Gift Idea

35. Santa-Tizer Hand Sanitizer Easy Christmas Gift Idea

Santa Sanitizer

36. Coffee Mug with Gift Card Teacher Gift Idea + Printable Tag

Warm Hearts Coffee Mug

37. Box of Chocolates Valentine + Printable Tag

Box of Chocolates Valentine

38. Dunkin Donuts Themed Teacher Gift + Free Printable Tag

dunkin donuts teacher gift printable

39. Picnic Themed Teacher Gift + Free Printable Tag

Teacher gift picnic theme

40. BBQ Themed Teacher Gift + Free Printable Tag

Job Well Done BBQ Teacher Gift

41. Now Serving Up a SUPER TEACHER Gift Idea + Printable Tag

Serving Up Super Teacher Gift

42. Picture Perfect Star Movie Teacher Gift Idea + Printable Tags

Movie Teacher Gift

43. Dance Teacher Gift Pedicure in a Jar + Printable Tags

pedicure gift

44. Teacher Flower Gift Printable Tag – Thanks for Helping Me Bloom!

Flower Gift Tag

45. DIY Personalized Pencil Jar Teacher Gift Idea

Personalized Pencil Jar

46. DIY Back to School Teacher Survival Kit Gift + Free Printable

Teacher Survival Kit Supplies

47. Hands Down, You’re the Best Around Lotion Gift Idea + Printable Tag

Lotion Gift Tag

48. Flu Season Teacher Gift Idea + Printable Tag

Clorox Teacher Gift

49. SWEET Holiday Wishes Candy Gift + Printable Tags

chocolate treats jar

50. Easy Shower Gel Teacher Gift Idea + Printable Tag

easy Shower Gel Teacher Gift

51. If You Give a Teacher a Cookie Gift Idea + Printable Tags

If You Give a Teacher a Cookie with Backpacks

52. Texas Roadhouse Gift Card Teacher Gift + Printable Card Holder

Texas Roadhouse Gift

53. Baseball Themed Gift for Teachers and Coaches + Tags

Baseball Cracker Jacks

54. Cookie Baking Supplies Teacher Gift + Printable Tag

Cookie Mix Teacher Gift

55. Out of This World Space Themed Moon Pie Teacher Gift Printable Tag

Moon Pie Teacher Gift

56. Amazon Gift Card Teacher Gift Printable Card Holder

Amazon Gift Card Teacher

57. Sweet TEA-cher Iced Tea Themed Teacher Gift + Printable Tags

Mason Jar Sweet Tea Gift

58. Easy Lemonade Themed Teacher Gift + Printable Tags

Lemonade Mason Jar Teacher Gift

59. Printable Teacher Gift Tags for Virtually Learning During Social Distancing

Quaran Teacher Gift Tags Hero

60. Extra Gum Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea + Printable

Extra Gum Teacher Gift

61. Pop Rocks Candy Appreciation Gift Printable

Pop Rocks Tag on Small Pack

62. Printable Bus Driver Holiday Gift Tags

Bus Driver Gift Tags HERO

63. Holiday Lottery Scratch-Off Ticket Gift Idea + Printable Cards

PA Lottery HERO

64. Holiday Candle Gift Idea and Printable Tag

candle gift HERO

65. Easy DIY Lotion Holiday Gifts + Printable Tags

holiday body lotion in wooden crate

66. Mummy Jar Candy Gift + Printable Tag

Mummy Candy Jar Gift Tags FINAL

67. Printable Ballet Themed Dance Teacher Gift Card Holder

eat sleep plie repeat dance teacher gift card holder

68. SWEET Valentine’s Gift Idea + Printable Tags

Sweet Treat Valentine Teacher

69. Muffin Teacher Appreciation Gift + Printable Tag

Muffin Teacher Gift HERO

70. Space Rocket Printable Gift Tags

Space Rocket Themed Cookie Gift

71. SWEET Tarts Back to School Teacher Gift + Printable Tag

SWEET Tarts Jar Gift HERO

72. Ice Hockey Themed Gift Idea + Printable Tag

ice hockey coach gift

73. S’mores Kit Teacher Gift Idea + Printable Tag

Teacher Smores Kit 2

74. Flower Seeds Teacher Gift Idea + Printable Tags

Flower Garden Teacher Gift HERO

75. Horse Themed Teacher or Trainer Gift Card Holder Printable

76. “Wild Year” Beef Jerky Teacher Gift + Printable Tag

77. Fishing Themed Teacher Gift Idea + Printable


78. Succulent Teacher Gift + Printable Tag

Succulent Teacher Gift HERO

79. Propel Teacher Gift for Back to School

Propel Teacher Gift HERO

80. Happy Camper Gift Tags


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  1. I LOVE that you have Wawa printables!!!! Weve lives in Bucks Co., Philly and currently in South Jersey, so Wawa is a must!

  2. I am our schools Mentorship Coordinator and I was looking for ideas for our new teachers in the district. These are amazing and I am going to use many of these ideas to show our appreciation for our new teachers. Thanks you so much!

  3. I used your space themed “this year has been a blast” tag on my end of year gifts. Our theme was blast off into 1st grade. It worked out perfectly! Thanks so much for creating these and for sharing!


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