Easy Rainbow Cupcakes – St. Patrick’s Day Dessert Hack

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Easy St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Cupcakes

If you are looking for the perfect St. Patrick’s Day dessert but are pressed for time, read on. We put an entire tray of these simple rainbow cupcakes together in no time at all.

st patricks day dessert

Last week we were all, “Oh we love Disney World!  This is the best vacation!  Look – Cinderella!  Look – giraffes right outside of our hotel room!”

So when I innocently enough logged on to check my email and found a St. Patrick’s Day party sign up list from Lily’s teacher, I was all, “YEAH!  Let’s bring cupcakes!  I’m gonna rock that Pinterest-y goodness!”

One week, one 20-hour drive, one family-wide stomach bug later I’m all, “DAMMIT – whatever possessed me to sign up for CUPCAKES?!  Why didn’t I volunteer the pack of crackers?!”

The party is tomorrow, people.  Time is fleeting.  I’m almost ashamed with what I came up with, except I’m NOT ASHAMED b/c my kid will take a pretty cute treat into school.  A treat that was inexpensive, looks very fun and was not baked in my germ-clad kitchen.

Here is how I hacked these beauties together:

Go to your local grocery store.  Buy festive, seasonally frosted cupcakes.  Also buy Airheads Xtremes candy.

materials for st patricks day rainbow cupcakes

st patricks day rainbow cupcakes unwrapped materials

You will want to trim the Airheads a bit.  I cut mine and ended up using about 2/3 strip per cupcake.

Place a trimmed Airhead onto each cupcake and press it into the icing lightly to make a rainbow effect.

I was going to REALLY go all out and put one gold chocolate coin on one side of each cupcake.  But Walmart nor the dollar store had any gold coins left in stock, because apparently if I wanted them I had to buy them two months ago.  Even though were are still 5 days from St. Patrick’s Day.  Whatevs.

st patricks day rainbow cupcake chocolate

I packed these bad boys up and went right back to lysol-ing the entire house.

st patricks day rainbow cupcakes tray


rainbow cupcakes dessert

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