10 Fun Last Day of School Traditions

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10 Fun Last Day of School Traditions!

Check out these fun and easy last day of school traditions! Make that last day extra special by choosing a tradition or two from below to end the school year.

fun last day of school traditions

Do you hear that?

It’s the sun shining warmer.

The school buses running their last few routes.

The teacher smiling with an extra little sparkle in her laughter.

In just a few weeks, we will be closing out this school year and hanging up our backpacks for Summer!

That last day of school in any given year is most certainly a milestone for many different reasons.  I love celebrating the big and small stuff in life, and we have a few annual traditions sprinkled throughout the year that the kids and I really look forward to.  Check out this list of some fun end-of-school-year traditions that you might want to consider starting.  Pick one or two (no need to go overboard!) and enjoy watching the kids’ reactions!

Here are some fun last day of school traditions to try!


Stage an epic battle for that last day of school by leaving some cans of silly string out at the bus stop (don’t forget to keep a can for yourself!). We picked up our silly string at the dollar store and the kids had so much fun spraying each other on the lawn after Lily’s bus dropped her off on her last day of 3rd grade.

silly string

last day of school silly string fight

Every Year Have Your Child’s Teachers Sign the Book “Oh the Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss – Give It As a High School Graduation Gift

I started this tradition with Lily when she was in preschool.  The plan is to continue getting teachers and coaches to sign the book through high school. In middle and high school, I will be picking just a teacher or two each year (her favorites) to sign it. Pick up a copy of “Oh the Places You’ll Go” (or any book with an awesome, inspiring message) and start this tradition this year!

oh the places you'll go teacher graduation gift idea

Summer Fun Kits

Greet the kids with a bucket full of summer fun on their last day of school.  This can be as simple or as elaborate as you want to make it.  You can find some great filler items at the dollar store.  This example is from Crazy Little Projects.

summer fun kit

Last Day of School Finish Line

What’s more symbolic of an END than a FINISH LINE?  Make a banner or put a rope across the porch or door for that last bus stop or car line dropoff.  Let the kids run through the finish line to celebrate the end of the school year.  Feel free to run through it too – after all, you made it to the end of the year too, right?

last day of summer sign


“Class of” Oversized Shirt Annual Pictures

Take a picture of your child each year wearing a big t-shirt with their high school graduation year or district name on it – Watch each year as your child grows into their shirt.  Display the shirt and pics at their graduation party.  This could be a great tradition for the beginning of the school year or the end.

school year shirts

Greet them with a water battle!

I’m imagining the squeals of delight from most kids when greeted with a bucket of water balloons or water guns on the last day of school!

zuru bunch of balloons

Water Squirters

Have the coolest car in car line!

Use window paint and write a fun message on your car windows.  Then head to school and pick up the kids!  I wrote on our windows AND threw some balloons on Lily’s car seat.  :)

last day of school car window paint

car window paint

balloons in car

lily last day of school

While you’re at it, why not decorate your lawn? 

Imagine the kids’ surprise when they pull up to your house to some fun summer signs!  I thought these signs from For the Love of Shorties were really cute.

lawn signs

First Day vs. Last Day Pictures in the Same Outfit

Take a last day of school picture in the first day of school outfit. Remember back to the first day of the school year?  The brand new outfit, shoes, hair bow?  Everything bright and crisp and perfectly placed?  Take a last day of school of your child in that first day outfit.  Fun to see how it’s a little smaller and faded and really accentuates how much your child has changed in the span of 1 school year.

lily first and last day of school

Balloon Surprise!

Fill your kid’s room with balloons on the last day of school.  We did this a few years ago for Lily’s birthday – she LOVED it!  It would be a great surprise for other celebrations, including that LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!


Let me hear YOUR last day of school traditions!  How does your family celebrate? Drop us a comment and tell us about it! 

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10 Fun Last Day of School Traditions

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5 thoughts on “10 Fun Last Day of School Traditions”

  1. We make ice cream sundaes for breakfast with all the fixings for our last day of school! We also start the first day of school with a yummy healthy fruit smoothie, so it balances out!

  2. I find a way to embarrass my girls. I’ve done silly string and water balloon fights when they’ve gotten off the bus. Last year, I showed up at the bus stop wearing a giant inflatable Halloween costume. We also do a backyard BBQ with friends since it is always a half day from school.

  3. Last day of summer we have an annual family fun water balloon fight. I also do the balloons on the floor of the Birthday boy or girl. Some even have coins and or bills inside. Totalling up to their age. My grown and married son with kids still hopes for this tradition. For my siblings I send $1 and a Birthday card. They are in their 50’s and 60’s and love it.


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