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We love camping! It’s such an amazing thing to unplug (for the most part LOL) with the kids and take in nature and the great outdoors. We have camped with the kids as they have […]

10 years ago, Bob and I decided to have a destination wedding in Las Vegas (we live in Pennsylvania). It was a huge decision to hold such an important milestone event so far from home.  Don’t […]

Check out the list below of common photography mistakes.  Then try extra hard to eliminate them from your bag of tricks! 1. Too much flash, or unnessary flash. Use natural light to help you create […]

This year, let’s vow to make more pictures, instead always just taking pictures.   Snap shots will always have a place in our lives, but what about taking it one step further this year? What is […]

Love yourself, your children sure do. I know that sounds cliche, but guess what? It is true. It is the truest truth around as far as I am concerned. Your children love you – you […]