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This year, let’s vow to make more pictures, instead always just taking pictures.   Snap shots will always have a place in our lives, but what about taking it one step further this year? What is […]

I kinda sorta remember weekend days pre-kid.  I might have spent a Sunday lying around on the couch all day catching up on movies via Netflix.  We might have caught an afternoon movie matinee at […]

“Mom!  Can I PLEASE have a BEACH birthday party this year?” “Mom!  Can I PLEASE have a POOL PARTY with a BEACH theme this year?” Yes, that was Lily.  About 3 weeks before the last-minute […]

Fire Truck Birthday Party Ideas On October 1, 2013, we welcomed our bouncing baby boy, Landon, into the family.  When it came time to plan his newborn session with my sister, I knew that we […]

Do you hear that? It’s the sun shining warmer. It’s the school buses running their last few routes. It’s the teacher smiling with an extra little sparkle in her laughter. In just a few weeks, […]

Peeps Egg Surprise Cupcakes I don’t know about your house, but over here, it’s just not Easter until Mom (er, me) decorates something with Peeps.  Be it food or decoration, Peeps Chicks or Peeps Bunnies, […]