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    Pizza Box Teacher Appreciation Gift – Dinner & a Movie!

    Pizza Box Teacher Appreciation Gift

    pizza teacher gift

    I’m so excited that I can finally show this to you!  The ONLY problem with having friends and family who are dedicated readers of my blog is that sometimes I have to wait to post gifts UNTIL they have been given because I don’t want to spoil the surprise.  We dropped off our Teacher Appreciation Day/Week gift to Lily’s wonderful teacher today, so the cat is officially out of the bag.

    I’m a big fan of gift card gifts for teachers because I remember how much I loved to receive them as a teacher.

    The trick, however, with gift cards is that you really need to find out what store/restaurant the teacher likes.  For example, a Starbucks gift card isn’t a super great gift for a teacher who prefers Dunkin or doesn’t care for coffee.  So if at all possible, do a little sleuthing to find a great gift card match for your kids’ teacher(s).  I knew that I wanted to give Lily’s teacher a dinner and a movie themed gift.  She has young kids and I thought this would be a present that the whole family could enjoy – either at the restaurant OR via takeout.

    I asked another teacher in the building to find out the teacher’s favorite local pizza place and picked up a gift certificate at the restaurant.  When I was at the restaurant, I asked for a new pizza box to use to hold the gift and they were happy to oblige.  Then I grabbed a Redbox gift card (they start in increments of $10) and can be used to reserve movies online (then pick up at the kiosk that you choose).  $10 is actually enough to rent like 4 or 5 movies, so it will go a long way as a gift.

    I had Lily copy a note that she helped me write.  Then she drew a picture of herself with her teacher (yes, apparently she included a really nice blue ponytail for herself.. this was done on purpose and she was very pleased with the end result.).  LOL  I thought that the handwritten note and the picture put the perfect personal touch on the gift.

    You know that I had to incorporate my trust Silhouette machine into the mix somehow, so if you look below, you’ll notice that the letters on the box are vinyl.  I cut them on the Silhouette and affixed them to the box.  They look great!

    Here’s the finished product!

    pizza box

    pizza teacher gift

    pizza teacher gift box

    pizza box teacher gift

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    FREE Printable I Love You Print for Valentine’s Day

    FREE Printable I Love You Print

    I LOVE YOU alphabet print title

    I have been meaning to make one of these cute prints for a couple of years now. Big surprise, I never got around to it… UNTIL TODAY! I made up this sweet print and will print it and frame it. This will make a really cute seasonal piece to hang in our house during Jan/Feb.

    You could frame this free printable I Love You print and gift it or hang it in your own home. You could also use the image on a card or for a Valentine. The choice is yours!

    Download a nice high res copy of this image here.

    I LOVE YOU alphabet print

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    Lemonade Valentine’s Gift Idea for Teachers

    lemonade valentine drink teacher gift

    I made this Pinterest-inspired craft a few years ago and it remains one of my favorites. This was a lemonade Valentine’s gift that we put together for Lily’s preschool teacher and teacher’s aide.

    To rock this one, you will need:

    • Reusable iced coffee tumblers (I bought these on Amazon, but I have seen them at Kmart, Walmart, etc before)
    • Lemonade “to-go” packets (If you’re going for the “pucker up” theme – otherwise you can substitute whatever cold beverage packets you’d like)
    • Tag for the straw – made on computer or drawn by hand, your choice
    • Optional – paper shredded filling, confetti hearts, lollipop or other “topper” (I picked up the heart lollipops for $.39/each at Michael’s by the checkout impulse item area.)

    I have to admit, I am quite pleased with the final result!

    These are so stinkin’ cute and they are PRACTICAL as well.

    Other variations: Use iced tea packets and the tag line “I’d be tea-lighted if you were my Valentine!” or use instant coffee packets (like Starbucks Via) with the tag line “I’d like it a ‘latte’ if you’d be my Valentine!” <– p.s. I just thought of both of those myself. I’m not bragging about the creativity, more like apologizing for the painfully cheesy factor.

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    Family Time Capsule Jars for New Year’s + FREE Printable Kid Survey

    NYE-time-capsule collage

    Happy (almost) New Year!

    A few years ago we made our first year-end time capsule.  It turned out so cute!  It was simple to put together and this year I created my own printable kid survey to share with all of you.  Lily has been sitting here working on hers – and I sit here incredulous that I have a kid who is old enough to be filling out her on page.  Sheesh!

    I have seen various examples of these year-at-a-glance collections – some that include pictures, toys and other trinkets, memorabilia like ticket stubs, family surveys and more. Some are placed in boxes, others in jars or even bags and envelopes. Some are buried in the bark yard, some stored away, some displayed on a shelf.

    The specific details are up to you. Here is what I used:

    :: pint sized ball jar and lid

    :: collage of pictures taken during the past year and printed on plain white paper

    :: a picture of each kid (school picture, etc)

    :: survey that Lily filled out with her likes and dislikes, etc. Print your own free copy of my 2016 Year End Kid Survey.

    :: print outs of the year (I made ours in MS Word) – one big (to go in the jar), one small (to go on the lid)


    new year time capsule

    Assembling the time capsule is the easy part!

    Tape the smaller year printout to the jar lid. Place the larger year printout inside the jar so the date can be read from the outside.

    Place family survey(s) behind the picture collage with the pictures facing OUT. Fold papers in half lengthwise and place in jar.

    Stick school picture(s) in the middle of rolled up papers.

    Place somewhere safe and enjoy opening and exploring them in years to come!

    new year time capsule

    new year time capsule

    new year time capsule

    Don’t forget to print out your own 2016 Year End Kid Survey!



    DIY Time Capsule

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    Teacher ABC/123 Vase Back to School Gift Idea + Price Drop on Magnet ABC Set ($11.10 for 72 Pcs)

    Two years ago, I made this adorable alphabet vase teacher gift for Lily’s preschool teacher.  I placed magnet letters and numbers against the side of the vase and taped cardstock on the back of each side to hold the magnets in place.  I put a small tupperware container in the bottom of the vase to hold water.

    I tied a ribbon into a bow around the top and then Lily and I filled the vase with fresh flowers on the first day of school. Her teacher loved it and I noticed that it sat on the windowsill of the classroom all year long – periodically restocked with new flowers.


    Here is the exact set of Imaginarium Letters & Numbers – 72 Pieces that I used.

    Right now you can pick up this set for $11.10 SHIPPED (Was $20).

    Imaginarium Letters & Numbers 1 Imaginarium Letters & Numbers 2