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    16 Beauty and the Beast Inspired Party Ideas

    Beauty and the Beast Inspired Party Ideas

    Beauty and the Beast Inspired Party Ideas

    I have such fond memories of watching the Disney’s original Beauty and the Beast, which first hit movie theaters in 1991.  I fell in love with the music and it was one of the first musicals that I memorized the entire soundtrack from start to finish.  When Lily was born, Beauty and the Beast was one of the first Disney movies that we watched together and since the age of 2, Belle has always been one of her favorite princesses.

    Lily and Belle at Epcot

    Kids with Belle on Disney Cruise

    We love the live Beauty and the Beast Stage Show down at Hollywood Studios, too!  We are so excited to see the live action Beauty and the Beast movie that will arrive in theaters this March.  I am especially thrilled to see Emma Watson take on the role of Belle – that makes the Harry Potter fan in me SUPER happy!

    What better way to celebrate this movie release than compiling a collection of Beauty and the Beast Inspired Party Ideas!

    Beauty and the Beast Inspired Food

    1. Make “The Grey Stuff” from the song Be Our Guest.  (This recipe is a copycat of the one served up in the Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom in Disney World.)

    Grey Stuff Disney Be Our Guest Read more


    Easy Crayon Rainbow Valentine with Free Printable Tag

    Easy Crayon Rainbow Valentine

    Easy Crayon Rainbow Valentine

    This Easy Crayon Rainbow Valentine idea is a great idea for several reasons.  First of all, most kids absolutely LOVE receiving a new box of crayons.  New crayons mean a spark to new creativity!  February is also the perfect time of year for kids to get some new crayons, as the ones from September have been worn down to little stumps.  If you’re like me and you stock up like crazy during Back to School Sales, you could have picked up crayons for around 25 cents/box!  This is a great way to use up your stockpile and totally justify another stock-up next summer.  Finally, crayons make a great non-candy alternative for Valentine’s Day gifting.  I am always shocked to see how much candy comes home with my kids from their school Valentine’s party.  Last year Lily gave out rubber duck ponies and another year she gave out wildflower seed paper!

    Crayola Crayon Box

    You only need 2 things to make these Valentine’s! Read more


    10 Easy Ideas for Throwing a Fun Beach Party

    Birthday Party Inspiration

    Beach Party Ideas

    Last year when we decided to through a joint birthday party for the kids in the summer months (Lily’s birthday is in September, Landon’s is 10/1), they decided on a beach party theme.  Our swimming pool provided a great (free!) activity for most of the kids (and some of the adults) in attendance.  It also served as the perfect backdrop to our party planning.  Once we had our decorations and food planned, the only thing left to do was to cross our fingers that the weather cooperated.  Cooperate it DID and we had a hot and sunny day that was simply perfection for a beach themed pool party!

    There were so many budget-friendly ways that we saved a lot of money on this party and I wanted to share them in case you happen to plan a beach party of your own!

    Right off the bat, we saved a lot of money by having a party at our home.  When you cut out the overhead of having a party elsewhere, chances are good that you’re going to save.  If space isn’t an issue, it’s a great way to limit your spending.  We did not serve alcohol at the party, saving another tidy sum.  (4th of July and other hosting events we do usually serve alcohol, but typically leave it off the menu for the kids’ parties.  It’s not a rule set-in-stone, just our typical pattern.)

    Check out these other ways that we threw a fun party with great decor without breaking the bank:

    1.  We kept the menu super simple.  See some of our snacks and drinks below.  We had the party in the middle of the afternoon, between major mealtimes.  We ordered a bunch of plain pizzas from the local restaurant and they gave us a discount for ordering several pies.

    2.  We used an inflatable kiddie pool to hold our ice and bottled water.  Buy these cheap online or at a local store.  Even better – grab one during summer clearance sales if you know you’re having a beach party well in advance. We picked this up the year before for $1 at a beach store in OBX!

    Bottled Water in Baby Pool

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    Easy Chalkboard Mug DIY + FREE Printable Tag

    Easy Chalkboard Mug DIY FREE Printable Tag

    I have a brand new gift tutorial AND printable tag for you today!  This project is SUPER simple and incredibly frugal.  The end result is adorable!  This would make a great teacher gift (any time of the year, really), a nice Valentine’s gift, a winter birthday gift, etc.

    Here’s what you need: Read more


    A Perfect Match Chocolate Pretzel Valentine DIY + FREE Printable Tag

    Pretzel Match Valentine

    I love this idea for Valentines for a few reasons – it’s easy, it’s cheap and it’s very very cute!  The kids are still deciding what their Valentines will be this year, though I’m thinking it’s a great option for my firetruck loving boy.

    You should be able to find red candy melts online or at most craft stores, Walmart, etc around Valentine’s Day, BUT, if you happen to think ahead, you can  always grab some during Christmas clearance sales, lowering the cost of these treats even more.

    You will need:

    Pretzels and Melting Chocolate Read more


    Be Mine, Valentine! Conversation Hearts Free Printable Tag

    Conversation Candy HeartsValentine Idea with Tag

    Not only are Conversation Hearts so bright and colorful, they are also incredibly affordable and 100% reminiscent of Valentine’s Day!  I also have a soft spot for glass milk bottles (you can grab them online or most craft stores sell them.  Sometimes I even see them in Target’s Dollar Spot).  They look so cute when filled with seasonal candies!  Combine the glass bottles with some Conversation Heart Candies and you have a quick and easy gift or home decor.

    A couple years ago I filled these bottles with red M&Ms and  loved the results.

    This year I decided to go with the candy hearts and create a matching tag.

    You will need:  Conversation Heart Candies, a glass milk bottle, twine and this printable tag

    Conversation Hearts Craft Read more