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    Easy Chocolate Dipped Wafers for Valentine’s Day

    Chocolate Dipped Wafers

    I have a super simple giftable snackable recipe for you that will make you “Oooo” and “Ahhh” over the sheer cuteness!  Supplies required are very minimal and you can make up a batch of these treats in less than an hour.  Chocolate Dipped Wafers make great gifts and you can change the look for different holidays and themes simply by swapping chocolate and sprinkle colors.

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    15 MORE Cool Things to do on Disney Cruises

    15 MORE Cool Things to do on Disney Cruises

    MORE Cool Things to do on Disney Cruises

    Almost 3 years ago, after our very first Disney Cruise, I wrote a post that has gone on to please the Pinterest Gods and is frequently one of my most-read posts in any given month.  That post told you about 8 cool things to do on a Disney Cruise.  It’s a great starter post for the beginner Disney Cruiser (much as we were beginner DCL’ers at that time).  We have now logged 3 Disney Cruises and yes, our deposit is down for a future 4th cruise.  We love Disney Cruise Line that much!

    Bob and I brainstormed up a fantastic NEW list of cool things to do on Disney Cruises.  These are completely different than the suggestions in our first list and I am really excited to share them with you!

    Without further ado, here are 15 MORE Cool Things to do on Disney Cruises! Read more


    Healthy Breakfast Burrito Freezer Meal (Spinach, Feta, Egg, Turkey Bacon)

    Breakfast Burrito Freezer Meal

    Healthy Breakfast Burrito Freezer Meal

    A few years ago I wrote a recipe post that continues to get some great traffic – a healthy breakfast burrito freezer meal that had eggs, sausage crumbles, salsa and cheese inside.  That recipe has remained a staple in my meal planning since then and this week I made up another variation that I like just as much!  Freezer meals are like the answer to my prayers.  I don’t make them nearly as often as I’d like, but boy am I grateful when I find some in  freezer!  They make the perfect breakfast for busy mornings, which are pretty much the norm around here.

    Breakfast Burrito

    Makes: 16 burritos

    See below for nutritional info!

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    DIY Digger Box – Sand Play for Kids

    DIY Digger Box Tutorial

    DIY Digger Box

    Have a sand loving kid?  How about a digger loving kid?  Perhaps a kid who loves to be kept busy and a little sensory thrown in for kicks never hurts?  Read on, friend!

    Ever since Landon’s birthday last year, I have been hanging on to some extra CAT digger toys.  Our plan was to make him a construction themed cake and Bob and I picked up the exact same vehicles to stick on top.  Of course, I never got around to returning the extra set but figured they would come in handy for something or other because our boy LOVES dump trucks and excavators (and every piece of machinery in between)!

    DIY Construction Vehicle Cake

    Okay, back to those extra toys.

    Today was a typical winter day when we were stuck inside and Landon did not have school.  Once the Legos, batallion of firetrucks and Netflix all lost their luster, we needed a boredom buster.  I’m pretty much psyched about how cool this one turned out – to say that it was an instant crowd-pleaser is an understatement!

    To make your own DIY Digger Box, here’s what you need: Read more


    16 Beauty and the Beast Inspired Party Ideas

    Beauty and the Beast Inspired Party Ideas

    Beauty and the Beast Inspired Party Ideas

    I have such fond memories of watching the Disney’s original Beauty and the Beast, which first hit movie theaters in 1991.  I fell in love with the music and it was one of the first musicals that I memorized the entire soundtrack from start to finish.  When Lily was born, Beauty and the Beast was one of the first Disney movies that we watched together and since the age of 2, Belle has always been one of her favorite princesses.

    Lily and Belle at Epcot

    Kids with Belle on Disney Cruise

    We love the live Beauty and the Beast Stage Show down at Hollywood Studios, too!  We are so excited to see the live action Beauty and the Beast movie that will arrive in theaters this March.  I am especially thrilled to see Emma Watson take on the role of Belle – that makes the Harry Potter fan in me SUPER happy!

    What better way to celebrate this movie release than compiling a collection of Beauty and the Beast Inspired Party Ideas!

    Beauty and the Beast Inspired Food

    1. Make “The Grey Stuff” from the song Be Our Guest.  (This recipe is a copycat of the one served up in the Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom in Disney World.)

    Grey Stuff Disney Be Our Guest Read more