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    DIY Digger Box – Sand Play for Kids

    DIY Digger Box Tutorial

    DIY Digger Box

    Have a sand loving kid?  How about a digger loving kid?  Perhaps a kid who loves to be kept busy and a little sensory thrown in for kicks never hurts?  Read on, friend!

    Ever since Landon’s birthday last year, I have been hanging on to some extra CAT digger toys.  Our plan was to make him a construction themed cake and Bob and I picked up the exact same vehicles to stick on top.  Of course, I never got around to returning the extra set but figured they would come in handy for something or other because our boy LOVES dump trucks and excavators (and every piece of machinery in between)!

    DIY Construction Vehicle Cake

    Okay, back to those extra toys.

    Today was a typical winter day when we were stuck inside and Landon did not have school.  Once the Legos, batallion of firetrucks and Netflix all lost their luster, we needed a boredom buster.  I’m pretty much psyched about how cool this one turned out – to say that it was an instant crowd-pleaser is an understatement!

    To make your own DIY Digger Box, here’s what you need: Read more


    25 Adorable Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

    25 Valentines Day Preschool Crafts

    Few holidays lend themselves so fantastically to craft time more than Valentine’s Day!  I don’t know if it’s the bright, bold color palate or that extra sprinkling of love on top, but I am always happy to make a cute Valentine’s Day craft (by myself or with the kids)!  Of course, Pinterest is just brimming with so many fun craft ideas, it can be downright overwhelming.

    Check out this round up of 25 of some of the most adorable Valentine’s Day Crafts for preschoolers!

    1. Valentine’s Day Tree Paper Craft from Housing a Forest
    2. Handprint Love Bug Valentine Craft from Crafty Morning
    3. Rainbow Heart Suncatchers from Fireflies and Mudpies
    4. Toilet Roll Love Bugs from Red Ted Art
    5. Valentine’s Day Fingerprint Love Canvas from Farm Wife Crafts

    Valentines Day Preschool Crafts Set A

    Read more


    10 Adorable Christmas Eve Traditions to Start with Your Family

    Christmas Eve Traditions

    Traditions are a wonderful way to spend time together with your family.  They are the stuff that memories are made of and many times these traditions are handed down from generation to generation.  Christmas time is the perfect time of year to start traditions!  Check out this list of some of our family’s favorite things that we look forward to every year on or right around Christmas Eve.

    1.  Make a Christmas Eve box

    Christmas Eve Box

    2. Make reindeer food to sprinkle on the lawn for Santa’s reindeer.

    Magical Reindeer Food

    3. Make some extra room in the play room before Santa arrives.  Have your kids take the Christmas Toy Challenge – no elf required!

    A Christmas Toy Challenge

    4. Take a car ride around the neighborhood to look at the Christmas lights!  We call this “Griswolding.”  We put the kids in their pajamas and serve up popcorn and hot chocolate in the car.  We crank up the Christmas tunes on the radio and drive around for an hour or so looking at the lights!

    This local light display is in Harleysville, PA.

    harleysville lights

    5. After Santa has visited your house, set the crock pot up with this Slow Cooker Candy Cane French Toast recipe and wake up to a breakfast that has cooked itself!  (Note: You’ll want to start it later at night and on the lowest temperature so it doesn’t overcook.)

    Candy Cane French Toast

    6.  Take pictures of the kids silhouetted against the Christmas tree lights.  I have ALWAYS wanted to learn how to do this!!  I finally took some time this year to practice and then practice some more.

    Here are the settings I used while shooting on manual mode:

    ISO – 1600
    F – 3.5
    SS – 1/10

    A tripod is handy, though I didn’t break mine out for this picture.  The kids will have to hold still, so if all else fails, I suggest a little bribery.  ;)

    Kids in Front of Tree

    7. Set up a hot cocoa bar.  You can make it as simple or as extravagant as you want, as long as you have the hot cocoa, you’re in business!  We love throwing together some marshmallow snowmen for our hot cocoa bar!

    Marshmallow Snowmen

    8.  Have an indoor snowball fight!  Our kids (okay, the adults too) can’t get enough of these!

    snowball bucket

    9.  Capture the moment with a chalkboard sign.  Big or small, handmade or store-bought, chalk or markers – it doesn’t matter what you choose.  Write the date on your signage of choice and snap a pic!

    Kids on Christmas Chalkboard Sign

    10.  Make a gingerbread house (or village)!  Okay, you can seriously pick these kits up for just a few dollars at stores like ALDI, AC Moore, Michael’s, Walmart, Amazon, etc.  Landon and I made this gingerbread house together at his preschool.  His teachers had already assembled the houses by simply hot glue gunning some graham crackers onto the top half of a cardboard milk/juice container.  So smart!!

    Preschool Gingerbread houses

    Remember!  It doesn’t matter how many traditions you pick or to what extent you do them – the only thing that matters is that you spend some quality time with those who are the most important to you!

    Merry Christmas!


    Christmas Traditions with Kids

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    Holiday Tradition: Christmas Eve Box

    Christmas Eve Box

    If I had to pick my very very (very) favorite holiday, it would actually be Christmas Eve.  Maybe it’s not even technically a holiday, but to me, it’s my favorite day of the year.  There are many reasons why, the reasons either falling into happy memories of days gone by or anticipation of things to come.

    When we were little, Christmas Eve was always a special night around here.  We usually went to church, some years my sister and I were even in the children’s choir and got to sing all of those beautiful Christmas songs to the congregation.  Some years we had family friends over, other years we spent the night simply as our family of five.  Dinner was always fun fare – appetizers and finger foods including shrimp cocktail, mozzarella sticks, spinach dip, etc.  We would almost always get a new pair of pajamas.  We would also get to open one (and only one) present – something from our parents since Santa brought all of the gifts on Christmas morning.  Before we turned in for the night, we would watch a movie together and some years we would read either The Night Before Christmas or The Polar Express.

    Now that I am grown and have my own kiddos, I find my family doing many of the same things on Christmas Eve that I loved as a kid.  We host a big dinner for 20ish of our closest family and friends and it’s a wonderful night of holiday-themed happy celebrating.  I look forward to it every single year!

    I think that my absolute most favorite part of Christmas Eve is the excited air of anticipation!  Christmas is so close yet not over.  No need to be sad, just happy, grateful and excited.

    A few years ago we started a really fun tradition with our kids and I wanted to share it with you!  Every year on Christmas Eve, our kids are gifted a Christmas Eve Box.  The contents of this box can be anything you’d like!

    Our Christmas Eve Box always contains:

    • New pair of pajamas for each kid
    • Hot Chocolate
    • Reindeer Food to sprinkle on the lawn before bed
    • New Christmas movie that we can watch together


    I would love to hear about your Christmas Eve traditions!  Do you do anything special year after year?



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    Chocolate Marshmallow Olympics Torch Snack Idea

    Melted Chocolate Marshmallow Olympics

    Cue the Olympics theme song!  Can you hear it?  We are so ready to cheer for the USA during the upcoming games and I have several fun snack and craft ideas up my sleeve for the kiddos over the next couple of weeks.

    Today I was digging for something totally unrelated in my pantry when my eyes landed on the tub of pretzel rods that Bob picked up last week.  Then my glance turned towards the larger-than-life marshmallows on the shelf above.  My mind started turning and when I remembered the orange chocolate melts that I found at Walmart on clearance after Halloween, I had my idea!

    I wanted to dip the marshmallows in the melted orange chocolate and stick them on the ends of the pretzels.  Totally resembles the Olympic Torch!

    Here’s what you’ll need to make this snack:

    • Pretzel rods
    • Giant marshmallows
    • Orange chocolate melts
    • Red sugar sprinkles

    Melted Chocolate Marshmallow Olympics Ingredients

    How to make:

    1. If you can handle melting some chocolate, you can handle this snack!  First of all, stick a marshmallow on the end of however many pretzels you plan to make.

    Marshmallows and Pretzels

    2. Melt the orange chocolate.  Spoon chocolate over the marshmallows one at a time.

    3. Sprinkle with red sugar crystals.

    4. Place in a jar standing up and allow chocolate to harden.

    Candy Olympics Torches

    5. Enjoy while cheering for your favorite athletes!

    Lily with Candy Torch


    Olympics Torch Craft Snack

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