Posted on February 16, 2017

ALDI Haul Today: What I Paid for Meat, Dairy, Produce


Did you catch my Facebook post this morning?  I was cruising the quiet aisles of ALDI while both kids were at school and honestly, it was pure bliss.  As I walked along, I loaded the cart with all sorts of great stuff at bargain prices.  Trips like today’s typically last us for 3-4 weeks before we go shopping again.  Not pictured are a whole bunch of other grocery staples like pasta, bread, bagels, etc.

When I got home I grouped the meat, dairy and produce and figured I would put together a ALDI haul post since I have not written one in a few months!

Produce (fresh and frozen) – $38.79 for everything pictured below
ALDI Produce Haul

(2) Sliced Mushrooms $1.89/each
(2) Strawberries $1.99/each
Spaghetti Squash $.99
(2) Green Pepper 2-packs $1.19/each
Grapes $4.29
Tomatoes $1.19
Potatoes $2.69
Onions $1.49
Organic Apples $4.99
(2) Baby Carrots $.99/each
Fresh Cilantro $.79
Cauliflower $2.49
(2) Frozen Brussel Sprouts $.99/each
(2) Frozen Asparagus $2.29/each
Frozen Broccoli $1.19

Meat: $39.46 for everything pictured below
ALDI Meat Haul

Beef Hot Dogs $2.49
Sweet Italian Rope Sausage $2.99
Country Style Pork Ribs $3.07
Boneless Chicken Thighs $3.62
Chicken Thighs $4.77
Hatfield Sweet Italian Sausage $2.99
93% Lean Ground Turkey $3.29
(2) 93% Lean Ground Beef $4.63
Ham Lunch Meat $3.49
Chicken Lunch Meat $3.49

Dairy: $24.83 for everything pictured below
ALDI Dairy Haul

Milk $3.70
Half and Half $1.89
(5) Greek Yogurt $.65/each
Cream Cheese $1.65
(2) Shredded Cheese $2.69/each
(2) Moo Tubes Yogurt $1.79/each
(2) Cheddar Cheese Sticks $2.69/each

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