2014 Sesame Place Discount: Teacher Appreciation Pass for Teachers in PA, NJ, NY

Date Posted: February 11, 2014 at 10:51 pm

sesame place teacher pass


Be sure to take advantage of this awesome Sesame Place teacher discount.

Right now teachers in PA, NJ or NY can sign up for a 2014 Sesame Place Teacher Appreciation Pass.

Sesame Place is offering credentialed K-12 school teachers a FREE 2014 Teacher Appreciation Pass. With a Teacher Appreciation Pass enjoy general admission during the 2014 season through 12/31/2014.

You must be a current and valid credentialed teacher in PA, NY, or NJ. Your credentials will be verified through the state Teacher Credential Verification Websites.

You must sign up for your pass by 3/16/14.

Thanks, Sami!

27 thoughts on “2014 Sesame Place Discount: Teacher Appreciation Pass for Teachers in PA, NJ, NY

    • My wife and I filled out 2 forms when the promo started. There was no conformation number or email received. We called after 3 weeks and they stated they were overwhelmed. Told us to fill out 2 more forms.
      Flash to today, were still not even in the system. What a sham! We gave our certification number 4 times and were still not found in their system. Anybody else have this issue?

  1. What about teacher aides/substitute teachers? do we qualify for that? It would be nice if it was, we all have kids too!

  2. I think its wrong that preschool teachers with am Associates Degree aren’t offered this. Always getting the shaft when it comes to these things cause no one knows what our job entitles.

  3. My certificate from NJ State Dept. Of Ed. does not have a certification number. Just has what my 2 certifications are. I graduated in 1977 and was a Speech language Specialist for 33 years. What do I do?

  4. I commented before, but do not see it. My NJ. Certificate does not have a certificate number. I was a Speech Language Specialist for 33 years. What should I put there?

  5. Hey everyone!
    Just a blanket comment in reply to those of you who asked specific questions about this deal. I have absolutely nothing to do with this offer, simply passing along the link. If you have any specific questions or concerns, you need to contact Sesame Place for assistance. :)

  6. Was interested in signing up for the pass. Just saw this today, 3/17/14, so am I no longer able to sign up. What a crock. Should take this off if it no longer is valid. Please respond.

    • LOL A crock? This deal posted 2/11/14. Sorry that you didn’t find it until today. This is a deal blog – posts don’t get deleted just because they expire, which they all do eventually.

  7. Does anyone know of email address I can contact. I did not receive a confirmation email. I worried my application didn’t go through.

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