Yankee Candle: Coupon + Bed Bath and Beyond Deal (2 Jars for $12.98 TOTAL!)

Date Posted: December 8, 2010 at 10:55 am

yankee candles

This looks like a pretty good deal – thanks to Lisa for sending it along.

You will need this $10/$25 Yankee Candle coupon & a Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off coupon to get the best deal.

Here’s your deal:

:: Buy1 large classic jar candle (on sale this week) @ 18.74.

:: Buy 1 small classic jar candle (on sale this week) @ $7.49.

:: Use your $10/$25 Yankee Candle coupon

:: Use 1 20% Off Bed Bath and Beyond coupon (if you don’t have a stack of these at home, there was on on the back of this week’s BB&B ad.

:: Pay $12.98 plus tax for BOTH

6 thoughts on “Yankee Candle: Coupon + Bed Bath and Beyond Deal (2 Jars for $12.98 TOTAL!)

  1. Can you also use the $5 off a $15 purchase for this. I know that BB&B will let you use both 20% off an item and $5 off as long as you have more than one item.

  2. went to BB&B today to use the $10 and 20% was told they cannot do 2 coupons for the same transaction. I told them I got an email that said I could but they would not use both so I didnt buy the candles. I printed the deal and i may go back if i get a chance..Just wanted to let you know they may not let you use both

    • Thanks for letting me know- someone on my FB wall had a problem as well. That’s so strange — BBB has always been so good about coupons. Guess maybe it’s just THEIR coupons they are good with?!

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