Toys R Us: Beauty & the Beast Combo Pack for $2.99!!!!!

Date Posted: October 6, 2010 at 12:09 pm

beauty and the beast toys r us


Big thanks to our reader Lisa for passing this one along.  We just tried it for ourselves at Toys R Us and it works brilliantly!

This deal will net you  Beauty and the Beast Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack AND $5 towards Toy Story 3 Combo Pack for $2.99 (plus tax where applicable!)

Here’s how:

:: Print this $10/1 Beauty and the Beast Combo Pack printable coupon.

:: Head to Toys R Us.  Beauty and the Beast combo pack is on sale this week for $22.99.  They are also running a deal for Toy Story 3 combo pack pre-orders: pre-order Toy Story 3 combo pack by putting $5 down and get $10 off any Disney Blu-Ray $19.99 and up (combo packs ARE inlcluded)!  You can stack the $10 off from pre-ordering Toy Story 3 WITH your $10 printable coupon on your Beauty and the Beast combo pack purchase!

:: Pre-Order Toy Story 3 (releases 11/2 and will sell for about $20) for $5.

:: Purchase Beauty and the Beast combo pack @ $22.99.

:: Minus your $10 printable coupon = $12.99

:: Minus the $10 discount from pre-ordering Toy Story 3 = $2.99

:: Beauty and the Beast ($2.99) + Toy Story pre-order ($5) = $7.99!  (I had to pay $.29 in tax for a grand total of $8.28.)

So you walk away with Beauty and the Beast for $2.99.

I am willing to bet we will see another $10 off coupon for Toy Story 3 when that release date gets a little closer, which means you could be looking at paying around $10 for Toy Story 3 combo pack (including the deposit).

I am seriously SO excited.  I LOVE Beauty and the Beast and cannot wait to share it with Lily Bean!!!

16 thoughts on “Toys R Us: Beauty & the Beast Combo Pack for $2.99!!!!!

    • Thank stinks. :( They should have had TS3 pre-order forms like the one in my picture. That form has a barcode on the back that they scan for you to put your $5 down. UNLESS.. I know that some stores are already out of their pre-order allotment.. that could be the case, but you would still think that someone at your TRU would have at least known about it…

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  2. I had the SAME problem. I was so excited to go and get this deal. I got there and NO one knew what I was talking about. They were like.. “Oh, I didnt know were were supposed to be selling pre-orders for TS3 yet” Much less the 10 off any other disney dvd. ugh. So I didnt buy it. And I probably wont go back. Its 45 minutes from my house. I think I might email them and complain. No one even offered to go look for it or anything. They just kind of shrugged their shoulders.

  3. Has anyone had success with this deal with just purchasing the DVD of Beauty and the Beast? I see that the DVD combo is $19.99 so with all of the coupons..there would be overage right?

    • It won’t work with just B&B b/c the $10 off Toys R Us promo is ONLY available if you pre-order TS3 for $5. If you don’t want to pre-order TS3 for $5, then B&B would be $22.99 minus the $10 Disney coupon would be $12.99. So you’re still better off pre-ordering TS3 even if you never go pick it up. The Disney coupon is only valid for B&B combo packs- not the single DVD.

  4. thank you! i am going to pre-order toy story today and get the b&b combo pack for the dvd. we dont have a blu-ray player :(

  5. just got the deal at the toys r us in castleton. the pre-buy card was on a display piece usually used for itunes gift cards or such at the electronics counter. not a problem at all. they still had a lot left too.

  6. Was anyone else refused this offer? I was told that “too many people had redeemed the offer” and that they “didn’t feel like offering any more”

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